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Wednesday’s Nice Domains Dropping

One of the hardest part of my business is it is completely dependent on weather.  Hot or rainy days equal much lower sales.   Weekends like the one coming up, sunny and mild, HUGE sales.  Let’s hope it actually happens.  Domains and the Internet aren’t as dependent on the weather (except for summer when not as many people are inside) and that’s why I love domaining.  Now on to today’s dropping domains For some reason golfers think that little piece of metal will help their pain and golf game.  It really doesn’t matter if it works or not as long as they think it does.  So take this name and make your fortune This domain expands the above to everyone else.   I know if I had this domain I’d feel better You know I like 5Ls and there are many reasons I like this one.  Musical reference, a last name, and sounds nice Another 5L and a 1996 domain.  Google loves domains of this age Elliot has dogwalkers I am going to have a board for people to put their lost dogs up.  I keep half the rewards a dot org BUT many many people looking for airline cards and the CPC ($17.83) is nice PR 5 and Goog and Yhoo  listed.  That alone gives it value

Domain Spotlight:

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  1. “ You know I like 5Ls and there are many reasons I like this one.”

    Obviously you also like 6Ls. 🙂

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