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Tuesday’s Nice Domains Dropping

I used the word “fatties” yesterday in my domain comments and lost a reader.  Now I’m down to three.  I’ll have to be more careful in my words to try and lose even more.  I guess my Mom was the first reader of this blog and it would only be proper if she was the only one left reading it.  So Mom, here are some nice domains that are dropping today. These kids seem to like these video game things.  There seems to be money to be made selling them and perhaps you could do it using this here name $5500 valuate and a great name for an end user sale   $2200 valuate and $30 bid.  Not exactly sure what you would sell and the chance of a team being named the Cherokees has dwindled.  Still easily worth more than $30 Often seen on google as E-Lake but is also a last name.  Plenty of end users for this one $3100 valuate and boy do kids love cupcake parties.  So do fa… I promised not to use that word I like when people body paint other people.   You could sell them their wares on this site Even the dot net can’t hurt this name.  One of my favorite dot nets in the last few weeks

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5 Replies to “Tuesday’s Nice Domains Dropping”

  1. I figured that comment would stir someone up. But it’s your blog, and your personality. No sense in changing to please others. Nice drops.

  2. just be yourself and don’t try to please everyone. If I just want to read tuti fruity sugar coated stuff I’ll read 😉

  3. Well, You’ve just replaced your ‘lost” reader with me!.

    Seriously, if something as simple as the word “fatties” upsets someone, they need to get a life!. There are more serious problems in the world than being upset with a word called “fattie”, and let’s face it, weight loss = fatties, just like golf = tiger woods 🙂

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