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Wednesday’s Nice Dropping Domains

I don’t know if you think the .ws extension is worth a pile of beans but if you do the all these are dropping on godaddy today

Blue, Star, Hunting,Chords, Vitamins, Securities, and a few more.  Of course they are .ws so buy at your own financial peril A simple affiliate store waiting to be built These are the type of 5Ls I love.  Only pointing it out because there are so many bidders already Here’s your new drop catch name.  Easy to spell and say. Not even sure what billers do but plenty of bidders so hey why not join the party Will go for over 5K guaranteed.  Super lucky number for the Chinese.  I am a bidder up to a few K  Nice Geo

Also a ton of misspelling dot nets on namejet falling today if that’s your bag  ex furntiture,

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Domain Spotlight:

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