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Bido Wasn’t My Thing But Jarred and Sahar Sure Are

You’ve heard my ramblings over and over how Bido was going to fail unless the quality of the names increased.  Unfortunately they just couldn’t figure out how to do it and made the decision to call it quits. I saw the curtains closing with the introduction of the Latona daily auctions.  The closing of Bido doesn’t bother me at all as I saw no value in it for me BUT there are no nicer guys in the industry than Sahar and Jarred.  They would do anything for anyone.  They personally answered every question and problem I ever had.  I made a statement and immediately they explained their side in an intelligent, well thought out response.

Even in these final days they are a class act.  Last night I put in a withdrawal to pull out a few hundred dollars I had in the account and WITHIN 5 MINUTES the money was in my account.  This is how it always worked.  I’ve used other auction houses that wanted my domain handed over immediately to hold but didn’t give payment for weeks on end while some people in Manilla or some foreign country tried to figure out how to use paypal.  Not Jarred and Sahar.  Bido always took care of their customer.

Everyone can learn from Jarred and Sahar when it comes to work ethic and customer service.  They also prove that no matter how much you believe in something and how hard you work, if the business model is flawed, you won’t succeed.  The technology in Bido was superb but the business model allowed and gravitated towards the “rest” of the domains, the junk, the left over domains that weren’t being sold on Sedo.  It became a dumping ground of unwanted domains.  Some nice ones fell into the mix but in general, none of the big boys used the platform to move names.  They never quite felt that the liquidity was there to get full value.  It was justified and thus the end.

I wish Jarred and Sahar the best in their next venture and I know they already have something in mind as they are entrepreneurs.  Entrepreneurs always are thinking of the next business.  They can’t sit still.  It’s not about the money made or lost but the journey.

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3 Replies to “Bido Wasn’t My Thing But Jarred and Sahar Sure Are”

  1. I don’t know Jarred and Sahar, but I see similar comments posted everywhere. I’m sure, based on their reputations, that they’ll be back in some shape or form. Good to know there are stand up guys in the industry… guys that other people salute even in their dark hours.

  2. Thanks, this certainly put a well needed smile on our faces. Thanks for that.

    We always tried to do the right thing, and put in the extra effort throughout our organization for excellence. I think we usually got that part right. During said journey, we treated our customers how we really wanted to be treated, and we’re glad it was received well on the other end and appreciated. I feel that there is a lot of modeling that other companies, existing and future, could learn from the footprints in the path we traversed. To sum it up: Under-promise and over-deliver. We lived by that and we cherished our customers.

    Bido will likely be sold in the upcoming days (contact me for info, [email protected]) and we will do our best to ensure this history and reputation remain and those who take over and purchase Bido will take it over with integrity in mind and always do the right thing.
    Thanks again, all your comments mean a lot to us.


  3. Amazing how the site was fully functional until the very end. Unaware of any problems, I registered on May 4th, and was accepted as an “expert” the same day..

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