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Wednesday’s Nice Names Dropping

Added another plant site that joined the $1 a day club.  A dollar is not a lot of money but 100 of them adds up.  That makes 12 for me.  This one took about 6 months to get there but it is growing quickly and will be at an average of $2 a day in a much quicker timeframe.  I’ve done them all myself and all the sites are 90% my own photos which is why it takes a bit longer but also why they get great google traffic.  The pictures are different than all the others in the image section.  Now onto today’s names HUGE name for all sorts of industries. Could be plants, could be people Nice domaining name Term not used as much as it used to be but everyone still knows what it is Maybe this is how they spell addresses somewhere but in English there are two D’s.  41 bidders either don’t realize it or know something I don’t Ironically this is something I am always looking for.  I get trucks from the rails to my business and always looking for Chicago rates.  Nice Name Not a ton of searches but certainly a nice name to hock jewelry A ton of people searching for this one.  My favorite of the day

The “In Case You Missed It”  Links

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THIS is why you can get hundreds of thousands of dollars for a good domain.  Disney pay $7 figures for rewrite of Cinderella. Some companies have more money than sense [deadline]

Domain Spotlight: