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Well We Did It: We Made It Through Another Year And December Traffic Up 400%

If you know me, you know I prefer to skip the big celebrations (I’ll be playing monopoly and drinking Corona with my family tonight)  and enjoy each and every day.  The advertisers (please click them after you get through reading this) and readers are certainly appreciated but they know I appreciate them through my daily thanks and emails. It has been an incredible year with my domain intelligence, domain portfolio, industry friends, and visitors to this blog, all growing at an amazing rate.  DomainShane hit 45,000 visitors in December, up from 12,000 last December.  And we did it though sticking to what we do best and hoping readers would find us.  We have a new layout coming soon and will be doing a little tweaking so I expect that number to continue to grow.  Not bad for a guy that is just having a little fun, writing about his daily life, and trying to be funny.  Before I enter the next year,  I would like to thank a few special people at the end of the year

1. My wife….. for putting up with the countless hours of me having no idea what question she asked because I am too busy writing.  To respond with a laugh when I answer with yes despite it not being a yes or no question. And for looking hot so that no matter how I look, all eyes will be on her.  A trophy wife that is your same age and makes more money than you is hard to find.

2.  Chris Woodward…..who works to learn, meet, and develop his creative side rather than worry about how much he gets paid.

3. Nadia, Trico, Richard Head, Lennard, Jamie Zoch,,  Ms Domainer, Poor Uncle, Jerry, Uzoma, Clobert Rine, Roverwhelming, Jason Thompson, Louise, Clay Burt, Acro, Gnanes, Kevin Murphy, Nameclerk, Andrew Douglas,  and Acapulco Joe for actively participating in the comments.  It keeps the conversation going and most of you tend to be civil and polite and for that I thank you.  It takes time and effort to comment and rather than take your opinion and keep it to yourself or go write your own article, you express it here and I appreciate it.

4. The people that I forgot to list above.  I thank you for not being made at me because I missed your name.

5. Adam Strong…….been a real mentor and a friend this year.   It’s nice having another Central Illinois guy to bounce things off of.  I learn more in an hour talking to him than I can reading all day. And he doesn’t make me pay him too much for his time.

6. To all the kind daily emails of support.  I do this as an outlet for my creativity and thoughts,  but everyone likes to receive an email saying that someone enjoys your effort.

7. To Francois, your English sucks, your attitude is all French, but somehow you and I “get” each other.  I still don’t understand how someone so smart and wealthy can’t go get a damn copy of Rosetta Stone but I’m glad on his team.

8. All the people that threatened to sue me.  All 5 of you.  Some went further with the threat than others,  but they were all appreciated.  It made me realize earlier that there are a bunch of crazy fucks out there and it’s best to just keep your distance from them.  I’ve figured out many are crazier than I am right.

9. Apple Computer and my nursery.  The stock and my day job allow me to not have to worry about money and I can clearly make decisions without worrying about paying for my mortgage or pissing off potential advertisers.  I also don’t have to give up the best years of my earning career while I do this domain investing thing.

10.  My alarm clock and iPhone alarm.  I don’t know how I would survive without it.  It goes off at 4:15 am every day, 6 days a week, and then various alarms all day trying to remind me of when I’m supposed to do all these crazy things I try and accomplish each day.  Ends with the alarm at 9:58 central to wake me up to get in my Namejet bids in.  Sometimes I’m up, sometimes I’m not.

11. Finally, anyone that comes back and reads another story.  I know I speak for Chris when I say it’s a hell of a lot more fun writing for 45,000 than it is for 12,000.

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11 Replies to “Well We Did It: We Made It Through Another Year And December Traffic Up 400%”

  1. You deserve the traffic, Shane. You have put in a lot of effort.

    You definitely are in the top five best blogs, maybe even three.

    The nice thing is you share useful tools and ideas, as opposed to just rehashing the daily news over and over like some others.

    Looking forward to your blog in 2012.


  2. Congratulations on the exciting new traffic stats! Your blog is one of a few that I read daily. Your content manages to be funny and insightful at the same time, and it’s a wonder you’re able to keep it going with everything else you have going on. The consistency is what’s really inspiring. I appreciate the mention and look forward to meeting you at Domainfest – Happy New Year to you and your wife!

  3. …and happy new year, plus congrats for still having the most entertaining domaining blog. Not an easy thing to do.

  4. “All the people that threatened to sue me.”


    Could we just skip the lawsuit?

    I’ll accept whatever reasonable settlement $ you offer.


    Happy New Year.

  5. That’s nice of you. I appreciate it but it’s a 2-way street man
    Glad you do all the dirty work. Keep it up.

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