Domain Spotlight: To Pay Bloggers in 2012

There have been countless articles written over the last few days about Francois and’s sale list that will be coming out January 9th.  What people may be missing is that Francois will be giving his 10% commission from the  domains that sell from this newsletter back to the bloggers that make up the feeds.  I have no problem with this.  No, he’s not going to be paying bloggers, it’s a one time deal,  but I do appreciate the thanks. I appreciate what has done for but I appreciate even more being part of an event where everyone benefits.  Some get a domain at a good price, some get to sell a domain, and the bloggers get a piece of the action.  It sounds like a good deal all around.

In order to coexist in this blogging/aggregator world everyone needs to benefit.  Either through traffic or money. usually rewards with traffic, on January 9th he is going to reward with cash.  But in order to make some cash we need some good names to go up for sale.  There haven’t been nearly as many as I thought there would.  Out of the thousands of people that can submit a name, only small percentage that have.  It’s not like a charity auction, you’re not donating to the cause (maybe a little cause involved).  You’re being given a chance move a name by putting it in front of thousands of people though,, and DomainState.    And the other excuse “I don’t sell to endusers”.   I know you have some lesser quality names that you’d like to cash out.  Submit that one.  So you won’t make enough to buy that new purple Mazda Miata you’ve been wanting.  Not a big deal.  You’ll be able to get a little cash and put it into another name or maybe buy a new puppy to replace the neighbor’s dog that you accidentally killed while you were watching it over the holidays (who knew feeding it all your leftover Halloween candy was bad).  Just pick a name, a reasonable price, and submit it HERE

If you need help picking which name, email me your short list and I’ll help you pick a name that will sell.  DO NOT spam the comments with your domains for sale, email me.

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8 Replies to “ To Pay Bloggers in 2012”

  1. That was funny! “Replace the neighbor’s dog that you accidentally killed.” When I trained for cust svc at the LA Times, we learned paper boys are NOT to toss the LA Times over a fence you couldn’t see through, because one actually landed on a dog, and it died!

  2. Though i did not put in a domain at first (didn’t read the email due to all the other emails).
    The email that had the subject Francois was dissapointed with me did caught my attention.
    So i added a domain to the list for 3k.

    Bottom line is. it’s a great idea. And if a percentage goes to some bloggers i am for it.

    I am looking forward to some more china information from Shane.
    Elliot keep it up.
    Hybrid Domainer has my attention.
    DNW obvious.
    The Domains always good for for gTLD news.
    Domain Incite for all the ICANN coverage.. This blog should have tons more attention imo. Even if you don’t give a rats ass about gTLD’s.. You still need tobe educated.
    Dot weekly , hell i just got this kickass banner design program today (i am a bit of DYI person though i have no talent).
    Actually the list can go on and on here like mentioning DNjournal for all the sales listing. Sure you can follow all the RSS feeds but that list just gives a ya clear impression on what is going on.

    So .. great idea ! hope it works out and keep blogging !
    Happy new year.

  3. Louise,

    Hah! I used to work for the Los Angeles Times, too. I heard that story. Never knew if it really happened, but the paper sure sured to be thick enough back then to kill a small pooch.

    But, Shawn, that dog in the photo…

    I don’t know what to say.

  4. The jesture and all is nice but is requiring you to be come a PAID member to participate in this win,win,win deal they have created for benefiting bloggers. I have been a free member of theirs when they introduced paid men erships etc. So, if you are not a paid member and don’t plan or want to become one then do not waste your time trying to participate in this way. Had it been free to participate I am sure the list of domains would be much larger,especially considering a limit of one domain for submission per PAID.

    1. KB,

      True. It’s not for non paid members. Sorry about that. It costs $15 to be a member of You can continue to use it for free as you have been just not participate in any of the offerings. I speak from experience that there is a lot of time an effort put into our sites and we need some kind of money to exist. Unfortunately in today’s world everyone expects everything to be free except the people I owe money to.

  5. Yeah, I understand. Basically you don’t receive anything other than the newsletter copy, as a free member to be on a circulation list. All I was saying is they could have just as easily allowed everyone to participate if this was mainly as a benefit as it is only a one time thing and allows for only one submission. Also, if some of those who submitted actually sell their names via this I am sure they may feel it to be worth the money for one of the 3 membership plans they offer $15,$35 or their $95 one. They should specify that this promotion for helping bloggers is for paid members only instead of having readers click link then have to login or maybe create account just to say sorry you must be a paid member to participate. Not knocking they are trying to recruit PAID members, just about how or when it is disclosed about having g to be a PAID member to participate.

    Happy New Years

  6. This sale is handled through and there is no way to sell a domain if you are not a trader ($15 lifetime membersip).
    This was set a year ago to stop the crap and minimize scams…
    Note that many advantages are included in this membership.

    We already have ~2,000 paid members at and only ~10% have submitted a domain for this special sale.
    So I don’t think this be a serious barrier on listings featured names.
    Now I have no problem to cancel and refund a membership that would have been done only for this special event if needed.

    Regarding putting this detail on advertising it has no interest except complicate global understanding for the rare cases a new member decide to list a domain but don’t want to pay his membership.

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