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What Would You Do for $5? My Top Ten Fiverr Things People Are Willing to Do

I absolutely love   I don’t really expect much for $5 yet I am always surprised what people will do for such little money.  Then again, what is little for me may not be little to someone else.  There are always the $5 tweets to thousands of followers and the facebook likes.  None of which I have ever done because I can find better ways to build links but what I do like are the crazies and the unusuals.  The people that are creative and skilled and willing to share those abilities for $5.  Here are 10 Fiverrs that are going on now that I thought were pretty funny.

1.  A six year old will scream your message like a 6 year old. I believe this is legit since it really is a 6 year old.  Although I am pretty sure I can hit up a few of my friends to get their 6 year old to do this for free, I do like this young entrepreneur’s spirit.

2.  Cute girl will act like drunken Santa and say up to 70 word script. I like cute girls and I like Santa.  Mixing those two might be fun.  Not sure what I’ll have her do but I’d keep it pg-13

3.  Guy will draw a logo, website, or slogan on his face. He has to be a very talented artist to be able to write on his own face and have it be legible.  I’m hoping he has an assistant.  I’ve always wanted to have DomainShane written on someone’s face.  May look for cuter girl

4. Guy will email you once a day for five days and tell you you’re awesome. Talk about a pick me up.  Perfect for that lonely Christmas week.   I’m sure lots of people would do this for $5 but he thought of it first

5.  Will pretend to be your girlfriend for 5 days.  I think I saw a movie about this.  I wasted $5 on that too

6.  Will Call the Cable, Phone, Internet Provider and others when you move.  I have to admit it IS a pain. Now if they’d only help me move

7. Will Start a Facebook Fight and let you win. She describes it best   “You can choose what the fight is about, and provide me with details. I will let you win so you look like a great person. I will then apologize and ask for forgiveness”

8. Print your logo or photo on a quarter. I think I found my new business card for DomainFest

9. Will write you message on and ENORMOUS Beer Gut.   An amazing canvas I must admit

10.  Will send you 5 sharks teeth.  If you have a kid this is as cool as it gets.  Looks like she’s fulfilled almost all her order too

I’m sure there are a few of these plenty of people would do for $5 but I still found them either amusing or interesting. What would you do for $5?

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6 Replies to “What Would You Do for $5? My Top Ten Fiverr Things People Are Willing to Do”

  1. If I could get someone to pay me $5 to run a sub 5 min mile with their logo or shirt on I think I would do it. Although that might hurt my college ncaa athletic eligibility now that I think of it.

  2. Nice to see you around TeenDomainer. Poor Uncle missed your blog very much.
    For $5, Poor Uncle can post 5 comments on domain blogs with a tag line that said…you help him earned $5 today, a link to your website, and a permanent induction to’s Hall of Shame…I mean Fame. Only 1 per customer per day, please. Poor Uncle type slow.

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