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Thursday’s Big List of Domain at Auction and Dropping Around the Net 12-22-11

Ahhhh.  The last work day of the year for me.  I’m taking the rest of the year off to get some Internet stuff done.  Going to get all the information to Tia Wood so she can redesign the blog and organize all my projects.  Looking forward to a HUGE 2012. At $190,000 but hasn’t hit reserve yet Double eights are in high demand in China Anything under $50K is a good deal for this name.  Fantastic International Brand At $45,000 and has met reserve Going to do well with 50 bidders.  Have to outbid the Calumet City Striptease Performers for this beauty. Not the greatest name but a 1992 birthday.  I like younger girls but I LOVE older domains 1997 Birthday and a very nice arcade name.   21 bidders agree Just saw a show on custom bike building.  I admit not the most exciting show I’ve ever watched but found out there are hundreds of custom bicycle builders to go with the motorcycle bike builders. The .de tld is doing fantastic and this two letter name is still quite a deal IMO These are the kind of domains that sell for good money to the right person.  Heck it may sell for good money to the wrong person at this auction aka Indigo girls.  For the record I have no problems with Lesbians I feel a little guilty putting this name so close to the lesbian name but it IS the Internet.   I also think it’s a much better name than Lesbian Music You’re probably thinking heart surgeon. I’m thinking enhancement Already at $1000 and I expect it to end close to $14-1500  Also the year Rick Schwartz registered his first domain

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  1. Custom motorcycles and custom bikes are both built for “passionate” niches of well off people… great domain.

    I have a buddy who does road cycling, not even pro or semipro, who just dropped 12k on a custom bike with no wheels… Maybe I need to be bidding on that one.

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