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Who Copied Who? Handy Little Target to Amazon Trick

I noticed something earlier today and it I have to admit it had me perplexed why it works.  If you go to and pick out a product, any product, and then replace “” with and it will take you to Amazons page for the exact product.   I’m not sure who is copying who but it works both ways.  Whether you start at Amazon and switch to Target or vice versa.  Amazon carries a lot more product but if you switch to Target and they don’t carry the product it gives the “We Couldn’t Find Product X”

Those of you that know more about coding will know how it works but I assumed the code of each looks for that specific product and returns the page with that term but most of the urls on the Amazon side don’t even contain any terms so it can’t be that.    Regardless, it’s a smart move on both their parts.  Try it yourself or click on the pictures below to test it out.

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  1. Hi Shane,

    Just checked both of the websites and found this n the footer of “Powered by”, which i think is the answer of your question.

    Thanks & Regards,

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