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Wednesday’s Daily Domain Drop and Auction Picks

Well another year, another non nomination for Domain Blog of the Year.  I feel better because they didn’t even include Domain Incite in the nominations, which is the best written blog in our industry.  He’s just not in the circle.  I know why I’m not but including Kevin in the nominations is a mistake IMO.   Congrats to all the nominees though, there isn’t anyone on the list that doesn’t belong.  Now onto the names. Good four letters, Valuates at $1600 (1000 searches)  and still at $140.  Under $200 is a good buy on this one. No bidders.  1997 Birthday.  Ride share is gaining popularity but my Mom taught me to not take rides from a stranger. 1997 Birthday.  Use this name to let people ask him to play their song. The first hyphen domain I’ve had in a while but 12,000 searches for $100 is too good to pass up. Could be an interesting site.  I got one.  Hugh Hefner’s Girlfriend.  No bidders. Great name for restaurant promotion.  Easy to remember.  But then again, even the worst Mexican food isn’t that bad Not a bad name for a constant contact type company. Most likely only $69 Double O X dot net.  I was trying to figure out if it passes the radio test and I think it would.  So…..nice name

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  1. You do know that is a $5,500 minimum bid.

    You are recommending that this is a good buy to people?

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