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Why I Think Stone Temple Pilots Is a Great Choice For Entertainment at DomainFest

When DomainFest announced that Stone Temple Pilots was headlining the main party my first thought was, “typical conference reunion band” and  “Is Scott Weiland still alive?”.  I had heard that  Scott had been kicked out and continued to have personal problems but didn’t realize Chester Bennington, the lead singer of Linkin Park, was now also singing with STP.  The Band is actually called Stone Temple Pilot with Chester Bennington but nobody knows who the hell Chester Bennington is until you say he’s the lead singer of Linkin Park. The two million Facebook likes tells you they’re a lot more than an old washed up band trying to live one last glory.  They are actually awesome.  I had no idea that STP had made such a comeback. They still have that great sound that we all loved back in the 90s but added Chester to give them a new voice, although it sounds a hell of a lot like Weiland when he goes deep.

I think DomainFest made good choice to build a party around a known band because it’s a nice broad age range of music.  Whether you’re 20 or mid 40s there are going to be songs that you know or a voice that you like.  Most conferences I go in the nursery industry have some reunion band like Credence Clearwater Revival with the small switch being “Bulldog” taking over for John Fogarty. Not quite the same.  This is turning out to be a hell of a deal for people that got the early tickets under $500 (tickets still only $795 until Friday). Namescon was great, and super cheap, but all the entertainment was based around free alcohol.  I also like the band I idea because I shouldn’t have to hide picture of the party from my wife and be shamed by other domain investors and their families for dirty dancing with the Playboy girls. Which I know I will avoid this year because I am not going to be able to go this year. My wife has a conference the exact same week and tie goes to the wife every time. It’s really too bad because it’s going to be a great evening.

If you’re on the fence here’s a little taste of Chester and STP to see what kind of show you’re in for.  Still have that great grinding STP sound.



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