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8 Nice Domains Dropping Today

Here’s today’s list of name dropping soon.  There’s some really good names in here and at some great prices.  Hopefully I’m bringing some good names to your attention but even if I’m not, I’m doing the research anyway so I haven’t lost anything.  I’ve added my searches to include .nets because of the amazing deals out there right now.  Godaddy seems to be the best deals with their $10 pick ups.  Here are today’s finds and as usual there are much better names out there but you are going to compete against 45 other people and end up overpay for it. and .net   Up for grabs at $69 with no bids.  $1 CPC.  Easy flip at this price. I’m not sure you’re going to be selling many lightpost but it is a very brandable domain.  Probably can be had under 1K.  Not much history 6 years old, and some traffic. With an average CPC of $2.40 it should pay nicely.  You can own the home elevator category with this one.  14 Bidders at Namejet right now.  Valuate has it at $42K 4g most likely will be the newest speed on a phone soon so this would be a great name to own.  9 years old and some traffic. No bids on namejet so it will go cheap.  12K searches and a $2.40 CPC make this a good investment I may take this one.  This machine is in huge demand as it makes the cement edging so often seen in home landscapes.  Also could be roadside curb machines.  2K searches a $4 CPC will have this paying off quickly. I like this because it would be an easy domain to keep up. The users won’t expect anything more than links.  12 years old…. Valuate @ 1.2K  I’m not a typo person but this is a dandy.  It’s even hard to notice it’s a typo when you look at it.

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