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CVCVs Are Coming Out of the Woodwork and Fetching Great Prices

I did an article back in October about the lack of CVCV domains on the market at the time.  In the last couple weeks, that has completely changed. There has been a large increase in high quality domains for sale on the open market over the last couple month.  Sedo seems to have a few LLLLs going on every day.  It’s difficult to say exactly the reasoning but my opinion would be the following.  CVCV domains are fetching great prices and many feel this is as good of time as ever to sell.  They have also risen past the prices of the peak of 2008, giving many buyers during that period a profit.  It also is time that many people free up cash for the end of the year. No matter what the reasoning, I still believe that 4 letter CVCV, especially the vowels being the same letter, are fantastic investments.  I am banking on the fact that the values of premium CVCVs will be twice the price if not more in 5 years. Here are some of the sales over the last month, courtesy of  the “SEACH” button over at LLLLsales. $1500 Sedo $3,100.00 11/30/2009 Sedo $1,300.00 11/26/2009 Sedo $5,900.00 11/26/2009 Sedo $2,622.00 11/26/2009 Sedo $494.00 11/22/2009 Sedo $1,801.00 11/19/2009 Sedo $4,505.00 11/19/2009 Sedo $3,110.00 11/19/2009 Sedo $352.00 11/16/2009 Sedo $927.00 11/10/2009 Sedo $39.00 11/8/2009 TDNAM $1,034.00 11/8/2009 NameJet $299.00 11/6/2009 Sedo $231.00 11/4/2009 TDNAM $1,211.00 11/3/2009 NameJet $192.00 11/2/2009 TDNAM $1,300.00 10/26/2009 Sedo $5,205.00 10/22/2009 Sedo

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  1. Id rather you not publish my comments at all than publish ones edited by you.
    Hell if youre too insistant on not publishing one link id rather you didnt publish anything at all.

    1. If you want to advertise your site then for $15 a month I can certainly do that. If you want to try and spam my comment section I would rather you not, so I merely took the nice things you said in the comment and put them up. I take your second comment as saying you merely wrote the first two lines to try and get the link added. You seem like a good guy but there are better ways to get links to your site

  2. Spam? Get real !
    I posted one relevant link if that makes for a spammer in your universe then fine its your site.

    As for your $15 a month offer thats reasonable but I’ll pass.

    1. Andy,

      I apologize, I don’t mean to call you a spamer. I realize you are only doing your job. No hard feelings here and I apologize if I offended you. I have to get used to the domaining world full of links and tens of tweets per day per person pushing their wares. It is n’t wrong it’s just different. Everyone is doing their job, it just took me a while to figure it out

  3. No worries and thanks for

    Funnily enough I used to run a domaining featured blog until I asked for it to be removed (for various reasons) I got real spammers constantly and got twitchy at any sign of a link lol but I erased most comments but kept ones I thought worthy ~ its a hard call though.

    Anyhow I’m open to mutual links anytime as I run a domain forum (no I won’t post a link lol !)

    take it easy


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