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You Don’t Need High PR When You Own THE Keyword

I saw that Google PageRanks were updated over the last few days and again my theory stands pat.  It doesn’t matter what the pagerank of your site is when you own the keyword you are searching for.  For instance, my domain coneflower dot com is a highly ranked PR0 domain yet type coneflower in Google and it is always one of the first ranked sites.  I have 10 other plant names that are exactly the same. All PR 0’s, all in the top 10 sites when you type in the botanical name or common name.   If you think its because they are all in easy keyword sectors, that’s not true.  What is true is that the name IS the keyword. Another similarity is that they are all one word keywords with no tails.

If I was trying to sell links PR may be important but all I care about is if people are searching for my plant names, my site is up front.  I only have info on all the sites now,  but I own a nursery and grow all the plants of the domains I own.  Eventually I will sell my plants through these sites but wanted to get them built up with good traffic and then start selling my wares.  The top listing in Google already brings enough traffic for them each to generated 1K per domain per year in adsense alone.

There are plenty of professional domainers that may contradict my theory but I don’t think anyone can argue against the fact that Google loves keyword domains.  They may not give them Page Rank but they seem to have no problem ranking them high on the search pages.

PS This little sloppy domain moved from a PR0 to a PR2 further reducing the value of PR2 sites.

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  1. Hi , I definitely agree with you on the fact that google loves keyword domains . and especially if they are .com instead any other TLD . But , you don’t always have to have a category-killer domain to be placed on page 1 . You just need the right content . like they say , Content is King !

    For example , my own blog .. I have this blog up for the past 2 months now .. first of all I started by putting some car reviews and stuff but then realized that there was too much competition in the “cars” category so ,, I started posting some latest news updates . if you visit the site .. you will see various kinds of news .

    I was promoted to PR1 from PR0 just today .. and I noticed that I rank #1 for “bob pasons married” and “ashley jewel” ( page 1 ) . So , like you said .. PR doesn’t matter until you provide good quality content to the readers.

    You site does have unique and good quality content but I guess it lacks some SE optimization because of which it is not being ranked #1.

    Anyways ,in nutshell .. Try getting keyword domains .. if you can’t put in a lot of effort into your content. Happy Halloween

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