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Very Few Bids So Far In the Moniker Ext. Auction

Thankfully my domain SSSA .com is one of them.  It is unbelievable that only 10 domains have a bid in the Moniker Extended Auction.  One one hand its disappointing to see such lack of interest. On the other hand, my domain is getting a lot of extra attention because it is one of only two with 2 bids and listed right there at the top when you sort by bids.  In the sea of names in this auction, I was pretty sure mine were going to get lost.  On SSSA I decided to set the reserve a little lower in hopes that it would draw bids and therefore draw attention.  The risk was that someone would come in at the end and buy it just above the reserve and I would lose money on the deal.  While it’s still below what I paid, the bids are close enough and there’s plenty of time left to go higher.  I can’t say the same for the other domains.

The way it looks right now, there won’t be very many domains sold.  We all know the real action is in the last few days but a bid on 10 domains out of thousands at this point is rough.  For those looking for a deal, there are some domains that are using my strategy with pretty low reserves that can be purchased cheaply if they get lost in the giant haystack of domains.  The best auctions are those where nobody shows up unless you are a seller which many of us are.  I guess we’re going to find out if everyone is fashionable late or just not coming.

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5 Replies to “Very Few Bids So Far In the Moniker Ext. Auction”

  1. I totally have forgot baout th extent auctions and like me a lot.
    This is the problem when you don’t advertise your auctions to the domaining community seriously…

    1. Francois,

      I have seen some advertising for the auctions but the ads looked no different than a normal ad they run and therefore everyone thought it was the same old moniker ads and dismissed them. They certainly could use
      a hand in marketing. I also agree that some advertising on Domaining would have helped with the visability

  2. If I go to and I can view up to 500 names at a time. There is a link to download as a csv and it idiotically won’t let me download all 2000 names in the auction to excel. It actually only downloads the 500 names shown on the page. What is the use of that? I can copy and paste them from my browser anyway.

    Excel 2007 can handle up to 1 million rows of data, but snapnames, only lets you download up to 500.

    Another thing is, each time I want to view another page of 500 domains in Firefox, the processor goes up to 100% and I have to wait several minutes before I can see the page. I suppose they can’t support Firefox properly (just like Domainsponsor doesn’t support Firefox).

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