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According to , there are now over 100 million dot com domains under registration with Verisign.  Currently the dot com tld add 22,000 new registrations per day and as of yesterday there were 99,837,548 domains shown taken using DNS lookup.  Add in the 2.1 million .com domain names in either Redemption or Pending Delete status and the 400,000 “dark domain” or domains that don’t resolve and you’ve surpassed the 100 million mark.   More great news for those of us that own premium dot com and more great info from DomainTools.  Take a look below at the complete report

DomainTools Estimates Verisign Manages Over 100 Million .COM Domains

DomainTools, the recognized leader in domain name research and monitoring, announced that, according to their projections, there are already more than 100 million concurrently registered .com domain names.  A number of organizations track the .com domain registrations by simply reading the Verisign daily zone file, a methodology that underestimates the current count. According to DomainTools, their research shows that the .com count is already well past 100 million.

Verisign, the registry behind .com, publishes a daily “zone file” of registered .com domain names with their associated nameservers.  Yesterday the zone file listed 99,837,548 .com domain names and that number has been growing by an average of about 22,000 net new .com domain names per day so far in 2012.  There are, however, two general categories of domain names that exist but are not listed in the zone files.

The first category is well known, at least to people who work in and around the domain industry:  domains in the Redemption or Pending Delete periods.  Each day tens of thousands of .com domain names hit their renewal date and move into a multi-stage expiration process.  During the Redemption Period, which is usually 30 days, domains can still be renewed by the prior registrant.  These domains are no longer included in the zone files and are also not available for the general public to register.  There are currently 2.1 million .com domain names in either Redemption or Pending Delete status.

The second category is much less well known, a category DomainTools refers to as ‘dark domains’.  Domain names that exist, but are not pointed to nameservers, are not listed in the zone file and therefore not counted by most sites that track domain registration data.   An example of such a domain is; it exists but has no nameservers, and does not resolve to a website.  Another example is; the Whois record indicates a fraud alert on the domain name and a ‘suspended’ status.  This domain is also not in the zone file and yet is certainly not available for anyone to register.  

Only Verisign knows for sure how big the list of dark domains is, but DomainTools has conducted ongoing proprietary research which reveals over 400,000 known dark .com domain names.  This count is included in DomainTools’  recently updated domain statistics data on their website.  DomainTools’ calculation of .com domains includes those listed in the zone file plus the dark domains.  With that information in mind, DomainTools calculated the current total of domains managed by Verisign to be over 100.2 million.


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  1. “You Know Why You Can’t Find An Available Dot Com? Because…Already Taken”


    You’re right. is taken.


  2. That’s why it is time for .co to take over
    I figure I took .com 16-18 years to be this popular it’ll take .co half of it which means 8-9 years
    Good indicator is that all of the basic key single words have already been taken
    Whether I am right only time will show

  3. It’s great for investors, but stinks for startups and anyone with a small to mid-sized business idea they’d like to launch. I can see both sides of the issue – the benefit for us, and how frustrating it must be for anyone who CAN’T shell out $10,000-$25,000 just for a domain. It’s like trying to book a hotel room in a city for an NCAA tournament final. Good luck. Your only option, unless you reserved one long ago, is to find a friend’s couch or shell out big bucks to someone in town who has some space. You’re essentially homeless.
    I’m saying this because I’m sure we’ve all had friends who have inquired about names and for whom most of those names are out of reach. Yep, it’s nice to be paid for prime real estate when you’re sitting on it, but it’s not that fun if you’re somebody with a viable idea who isn’t venture backed and doesn’t want to have to resort to a crappy, longtail domain.

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