Thursday’s Big List

Jan 26 2012

Sedo has a pretty good auction closing today.  Going after a few names myself.  Of course you won’t see those names on my list.  That would be silly.   While I have you.  Anyone interested in me doing a daily newsletter of names with no bids?   Let me know, in the meantime here are today’s names.   Call me soft but I really like this name.  With 15 bids it seems that other people agree.  Under $500 is a good price IMO  I don’t think it will meet reserve but a beautiful name for a matchmaker site. 13 year old domain.  I don’t want AN apartment, I want the BEST apartment  Easy easy build out on this one.  I just wish more people could spell gadgets.  This one’s hot  An easy build out.  Just put that rolling debt thing they have in New York on the page.  Don’t hire A marketing company.  Hire “THE” marketing company.     There’s your ad.  Your bill for my services is $10.  Send it to my paypal  [email protected]$10  Take out the $10  It’s good because it has TV in it.  Speaking of TV.   I was reading my “goals” that I had set in 1991.  One was to read 50 books in a year (I did it that year) and get a TV.  Funny how important that was back then.  Now I have 5 in my house.  Sure I wish it was a dot com but easily worth $69  I know a girl named Kelly and she likes tv. I may email her  Actually, Namejet has a ton of domains up today.  As an Illinois resident I had inquired about this domain a while back.  It looks like its dropped in value since then. I may buy this at the new low low price.


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