$1.9 Million in Public Sales This Week At Sedo: PhoneMarket.com Top Sale

You can’t say that people don’t buy names at Sedo. Each and every week they deliver.  This week they had 38% sell through Buy It Now.  Below is the complete list of sales.

Domain name Price Currency
phonemarket.com 180000 USD
weights.com 32000 USD
homestays.com 22000 USD
touristtube.com 12000 USD
healthyspot.com 11739 USD
typ.com 10099 USD
bazingo.com 10000 USD
zoney.com 10000 USD
gwn.com 9999 USD
woodturning.com 9500 USD
mantoman.com 8000 USD
teamsun.com 8000 USD
zonacursos.com 8000 EUR
ildefonso.com 7500 EUR
vitrier.com 7000 USD
indianvideos.com 6000 USD
fertilab.com 6000 USD
coininvest.com 5500 EUR
justwin.com 5250 USD
chemicalsupplies.com 5000 USD
morgins.com 5000 EUR
augencentrum.com 5000 EUR
precogs.com 5000 USD
gtradial.com 5000 GBP
devzero.com 5000 USD
bambou.com 4850 EUR
copyservices.com 4800 USD
kurong.com 4765 EUR
connectrade.com 4500 USD
citadelplaza.com 4500 USD
3dstorm.com 4000 USD
customs-broker.com 4000 USD
rout.com 4000 USD
mountkellet.com 4000 USD
mileshouse.com 3500 USD
purplerock.com 3500 EUR
cloudclient.com 3500 USD
abeilles.com 3000 EUR
mescourses.com 3000 EUR
webwiki.com 3000 USD
inboxpro.com 3000 USD
5euros.com 3000 EUR
cruisetravelinsurance.com 3000 USD
pingup.com 3000 USD
metabolictest.com 3000 USD
localmed.com 2900 EUR
harborcrest.com 2888 USD
hyla.com 2500 EUR
vpn-service.com 2500 USD
chintonic.com 2500 EUR
anrys.com 2500 EUR
roofdeck.com 2499 USD
richtexteditor.com 2499 USD
quickstaffing.com 2353 USD
smarthomeenergy.com 2250 USD
govintage.com 2250 USD
chococity.com 2249 USD
homebinder.com 2100 USD
fixfashion.com 2000 USD
fraq.com 2000 USD
dayhelp.com 2000 USD
drgene.com 2000 USD
tronas.com 2000 EUR
gartenwerkzeug.com 2000 EUR
zuci.com 2000 USD
findar.com 2000 USD
datecity.com 2000 USD
travor.com 2000 USD
miquan.com 2000 USD
affiliatemarketingguide.com 1950 USD
quedadecabelo.com 1929 USD
duftkerzen.com 1904 EUR
discit.com 1900 EUR
powertools.us.com 1900 EUR
summernanny.com 1899 USD
shoptec.com 1850 USD
ecollaborate.com 1850 USD
fivea.com 1850 USD
amlou.com 1800 USD
happiland.com 1800 USD
temao.com 1800 USD
chemistryforums.com 1800 USD
mrwin.com 1750 USD
tegatech.com 1700 EUR
bigask.com 1695 USD
gamesahoy.com 1600 USD
motionbeat.com 1595 USD
allurehotels.com 1590 USD
advantage360.com 1578 GBP
consulted.com 1550 EUR
dv2.com 1550 USD
skyfri.com 1550 USD
moonfish.com 1550 USD
cityfibre.com 1500 GBP
studydeal.com 1500 USD
themarketgroup.com 1500 USD
moviemovement.com 1500 EUR
credeon.com 1500 USD
corvias.com 1500 USD
skalax.com 1500 USD
appsforrent.com 1500 USD
tomday.com 1500 USD
videodeal.com 1500 USD
syncea.com 1500 USD
europiscine.com 1500 EUR
flexem.com 1500 USD
umbrien.com 1500 USD
contactsphere.com 1500 USD
lafundacion.com 1500 USD
ofertasdevuelos.com 1500 USD
lutros.com 1500 USD
devium.com 1500 USD
wirein.com 1500 USD
e-springs.com 1500 USD
paydayloanstoronto.com 1495 USD
gevil.com 1490 USD
yavi.com 1488 USD
addresschanger.com 1477 USD
cafetortoni.com 1400 USD
html5tutorial.com 1400 USD
orderbusinesschecks.com 1399 USD
lumiz.com 1395 USD
beautyplay.com 1395 USD
touktouk.com 1300 EUR
txtag.com 1299 EUR
myidealweight.com 1297 USD
eurolifter.com 1295 USD
aplicalia.com 1295 USD
soleila.com 1295 USD
baieu.com 1200 USD
21ci.com 1150 USD
castfly.com 1150 USD
lagunabeachbailbond.com 1100 USD
ezvoucher.com 1095 USD
stackdata.com 1095 USD
homejunkie.com 1095 USD
6zz.com 1050 USD
marionjones.com 1001 EUR
9wall.com 1000 USD
yumo.com 1000 EUR
purelotto.com 1000 USD
cazaconarco.com 1000 EUR
maleenhancementstore.com 1000 USD
spaceoffice.com 1000 GBP
globalemarket.com 1000 USD
iflying.com 1000 USD
grapehyacinth.com 999 USD
boeo.com 995 USD
areachat.com 975 USD
pokerline.com 950 USD
auctionavenue.com 900 USD
freeyogavideos.com 900 USD
9te.com 895 USD
pomanagement.com 888 USD
conestogarovers.com 888 USD
tecia.com 850 USD
guadalajarahotel.com 850 USD
neubauimmobilien.com 800 EUR
htmlguys.com 800 USD
schwebetürenschrank.com 800 EUR
incaweb.com 800 USD
ourtec.com 800 USD
rodales.com 794 USD
jobmela.com 750 USD
eavesdroppingdetection.com 750 USD
balamir.com 750 USD
teew.com 750 USD
mobd.com 750 GBP
viaconnect.com 700 EUR
gbco.com 700 USD
somehotels.com 700 USD
hb.de 26000 EUR
software.com.co 20000 EUR
childcare.co 14000 USD
reisen.pl 11500 EUR
cheapestloans.co.uk 10000 EUR
carhireinsurance.co.uk 7500 EUR
foc.us 6000 USD
camcorderinfo.de 4600 EUR
spreed.jp 4000 USD
regalo.mx 4000 EUR
reise.pl 4000 EUR
capacities.de 3690 EUR
vergaderstoelen.nl 3500 EUR
goodzone.ru 3500 EUR
stromtanken.de 3500 EUR
kreditbroker.de 3500 EUR
theme.co 3400 USD
laserontharen.nl 3250 EUR
nachttv.nl 3000 EUR
vegan.eu 2900 EUR
use.co.uk 2800 GBP
attorneys.me 2750 USD
gewinnspielwelt.de 2600 EUR
toponlinecasino.co.uk 2499 USD
pressekonferenz.de 2050 EUR
salomon.se 2000 EUR
hämatit.de 2000 EUR
malachit.de 2000 EUR
printvergleich.de 1950 EUR
druckvergleich.de 1950 EUR
swareflex.de 1800 EUR
tenant.co.uk 1800 EUR
ftl.tv 1750 EUR
helpline.nl 1750 EUR
selbstverwaltung.de 1700 EUR
systempartner.de 1620 EUR
uncover.me 1550 USD
miseenscene.fr 1500 EUR
ngm.fr 1500 EUR
trefle.be 1500 EUR
vonroll.in 1400 EUR
cylindre.fr 1400 EUR
machinery.tv 1250 USD
alles-echt.de 1250 EUR
reise.cz 1250 EUR
akkuschrauber.at 1250 EUR
climber.de 1200 EUR
rgh.co 1200 USD
ipay.in 1200 USD
madeintheuk.co.uk 1199 EUR
simbabwe.at 1100 EUR
pio.ch 1100 EUR
28thamendment.us 1001 EUR
superfly.fr 1000 EUR
iwi.be 1000 EUR
solarcompanies.co.uk 1000 GBP
geldtransporter.de 1000 EUR
select.gr 1000 EUR
cuando.co 1000 USD
aura.tv 1000 USD
versen-ems.de 1000 EUR
dnl.eu 1000 EUR
groenteland.nl 995 EUR
f8.cz 990 EUR
regenschirme.eu 963 EUR
receipts.ca 900 USD
registrierdich.de 900 EUR
csgroup.eu 899 EUR
amigosauto.es 850 EUR
telesecretaire.fr 850 EUR
werkzeug-zentrum.de 850 EUR
klassenphotos.de 840 EUR
bastuck.ch 800 EUR
checkon.me 800 USD
swets.eu 800 USD
gutesgeld.at 780 EUR
tack.us 777 USD
reckoning.de 750 EUR
i-business.nl 750 EUR
spurplatten.de 750 EUR
gratuitement.ch 750 EUR
qgf.de 750 EUR
abfallbox.de 750 EUR
cheers.at 750 EUR
abl.in 700 USD
bauwohnwelt.de 700 EUR
localsolicitor.co.uk 700 GBP
musiczone.net 5000 USD
roulettestrategy.net 4500 USD
spielturm.info 4202 EUR
downloads.info 4100 EUR
mobilegames.net 3500 EUR
banqueenligne.net 3000 EUR
wohnwand.net 2500 EUR
inaka.net 2480 USD
freeebook.net 2460 USD
vess.org 2000 USD
bellaroma.net 1900 USD
birthstone.net 1850 USD
podem.net 1800 EUR
domnet.net 1600 USD
filmzitate.net 1550 USD
kunstgras.net 1500 USD
propiedades.org 1500 USD
newsbreak.net 1500 USD
kostenlose-kreditkarte.org 1300 EUR
finanziert.org 1300 EUR
airportparking.info 1288 USD
cacaniqueis.net 1250 USD
cesenatico.org 1200 EUR
cser.org 1200 EUR
massageparlors.org 1200 USD
grps.org 1099 USD
comparateurassurance.net 1000 EUR
jobswap.net 1000 USD
bazingo.net 1000 USD
bazingo.org 1000 USD
ready.biz 1000 USD
online-advertising.org 1000 EUR
lumineers.org 980 USD
autoecoles.net 900 EUR
oddset.info 750 EUR
genos.net 749 USD
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8 Replies to “$1.9 Million in Public Sales This Week At Sedo: PhoneMarket.com Top Sale”

  1. I call Bull S*** on PhoneMarket.com for $180,000. There is no way in Hell a person is dumb enough to pay that price for a domain that is worth $500 maybe.

    What that is my friends is a case of money laundering. Some dude owed someone $180,000 for drugs or something illegal but they had to pay it in such a way that the police wouldn’t be suspicious so they bought an essentially worthless domain with the money… Sadly enough domains have become the ultimate money laundering tool because value is always in the eye of the buyer.

    Ok, ok I am probably wrong. It probably is a genuine sale but I can’t help feeling the buyer has a brain the size of a small testicle and the seller has testicles the size of a large brain.

  2. “I can’t help feeling the buyer has a brain the size of a small testicle and the seller has testicles the size of a large brain”


  3. Troy,

    So if it is money laundering how did they get the bad money into the bank in the first place.. It is a real sale. Don’t be anger be happy someone made a boat load on the sale.

  4. Getting the money in the bank is the buyers money laundering problem, not the sellers. If I were to guess though I would say he probably sold PlacesOnTheInternetToBuyPhones.com for $100,000 to someone…=)

    I understand wanting to be happy for someone. I honestly want success for others but there is just something about seeing someone win the Domain lottery, and seeing someone else ridiculously overpay that makes me a bit condescending.

    I wouldn’t be happy in Holland in 1637 if I saw someone sell a Tulip Bulb for a half million dollars. I would think… what a damn moron to pay that for a Tulip Bulb.

    I have nothing but happiness for people that sell genuinely good names to others for for massive profits, but when I see someone get 100 times more than a domain is worth I think “If luck is what is involved then why couldn’t it have been me? I should have bought PhoneMarket.com instead of all the domains that I have that actually have value”

    1. Troy,

      What you think is valuable is personal. IMO you are WAY is thinking that name sucks. As long as one company needs it then the name has value. In this case , a lot of value. Welcome to domaining, where anything can go for big dollars. Congratulating the seller is the right thing, not blasting the buyer

  5. “any strong keyword with the word “market” behind it is worth decent money, in the case of PhoneMarket, alot of money.”

    Says the person with BeachMarket.com=)

    “Congratulating the seller is the right thing, not blasting the buyer”

    I simply disagree. Like any other industry, domaining has times where buyers get awesome deals and times when sellers get awesome prices. I think not acknowledging that with the hope that it will convince all potential buyers that any domain sale is a good deal is disingenuous.

    I don’t need need to play Voodoo mind games with buyers to sell domains. I don’t have the ability to play voodoo mind games and sell something like PhoneMarket.com for $180,000. Because the way I see it the purchase/sale of PhoneMarket.com was nothing more than a win on the lottery. Some sucker paid so another guy could get a bunch of money. Sure, the sucker has a consolidation prize, but that is all it is.

    This does not mean that the owners of PhoneMarket.com will not turn it into a profitable business. They very well might, in fact there is a good chance that they will considering how much money they seem to have to establish the business.

    My main point is that I believe that PhoneMarket.com could have been acquired for substantially less. That domain would have sold for less than $2000 at the best domainer auction. There probably aren’t 5 people on the earth that would be interested in buying it for more that $10,000 a month ago. Had the new owner offered even $50,000 and the seller not accepted it would have branded him bat shi* crazy.

    In the end it is said and done. Someone is richer, someone has a decent domain and someone is obviously a bit frustrated that they were not the seller (me). This does not mean I have to jump on the “Great Sell” band wagon that pops up every time this type of thing happens. I think it was a terrible purchase and a waste of a great deal of financial resources.

    If you were paying $180,000 for FlowerMarket.com I would say the same thing (although I think that combination feels much more natural than phone market). FlowerMarket .com is a good domain. Probably worth a few thousand the the right buyers, probably worth 10,000 to the absolute perfect buyer, but only worth $180,000 to the perfect fool.


  6. Estibot Values as of Today:

    FlowerMarket.com: $4,500
    AutumnMarket.com: $2,100
    PhoneMarket.com: $840

    Wow – nice sale on phonemarket.com – so I guess AutumnMarket.com is worth over $400K now? Yes!

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