Wednesday’s Big List of Domains at Auction or Dropping Around Town 4-4-12

Apr 04 2012

You’re not going to find many names to buy from this list at Godaddy. Jamie of DotWeekly pointed out that the leap year screwed up the inventory for today and the results are there isn’t much there. The other guys have to pull more weight today and I have to dig a little deeper. Let’s give it a try. I knew that 2 character dot orgs would have value but wasn’t quite sure of the exact value. We’re about to get it here and then it will be busted because there are TONS of them dropping at Namejet and they will go cheap.  Could be big money if you could pull this one off.  Off being developed and getting traffic.  And the award for most boring website goes to…….the build out of  Doesn’t really tickle my fancy but it IS a 1997 domain.   Plenty of businesses with this name. I think there is a gay bar in Chicago if I remember correctly.  Maybe it was Little Jims.   Sorry I am trying to sell and I’m trying to drum up potential buyers.  11 year old domain and I think its pretty funny and memorable  You probably have no idea what this is. Its those pens on a chain when they don’t want you to steal them.  I think my local bank is about to go to this after all the pens I’ve stolen.  Edit:  Moved to Wish List  I get a lot of inquiries for WantGet so I imagine this would do as well.  Man has he fallen.  He deserves it after drugging his way to the home run title.  Screw him and McGuire.  I like this name. Instagram is the most popular site in our home so maybe I’m biased to the insta names.

Sorry for the weak list today.  We’ll try her again tomorrow

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