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How Little Ole’ Me Will Have the Pleasure of Joining Troy Rushton at the National Achievers Conference

Donald Trump,  Anthony Robbins and Rich Dad creator Robert Kiyosaki are some of the biggest names in leadership conferences right now but you can add one more, Troy Rushton.  Troy and his team at Protrada, are trying to bring domain investing to the masses and felt the National Achievers Conference was a perfect venue to just that.

A few of us in the industry, Morgan Linton, Adam Dicker, Paul Nicks, Braden Pollock, Paul Goldstone and myself have worked with Troy and Louise over the past year and although I can’t speak for everyone, I feel comfortable saying that they are some of the most enthusiastic people I’ve met. It’s enjoyable to work with people that still see great opportunity in this industry and are trying to help others find it.  In all sales and achievement conferences you want to have real life success stories to support your information.  And that’s where little ole’ me came in.

I wanted to share my story.  I think its a good story, a real story.  I also had a few other things I felt I could bring to the table. One, talking in front of 50 or 50,000 is easy for me.  I truly enjoy talking about things I love and could do it for hours in front of anyone that will listen.  Secondly, I share the same enthusiasm as they do and I hope and feel that I can relay that positivity to a new audience.  It was a real honor to be a part and although my video could have been much better.  I mistakenly scheduled my annual trip to Vegas the days before my shoot.  Not a great idea.

So thank you Troy and Protrada.  I know you will do a fantastic job and you couldn’t have picked a nicer group of domain investors to join you.  It’s a nice mix of stories both aged and new.  Most of those guys are way above my level in terms of financial success, so its a real honor to be included in such a fantastic group.

Here is the press release:

Santa Monica, CA, Tuesday April 3rd 2012 – Protrada CEO and Founder Troy Rushton has been invited to join one-man-brand Donald Trump, Mr Motivation Anthony Robbins and Rich Dad creator Robert Kiyosaki at the National Achievers Congress 2012 in San Jose.

Troy will be headlining the domain name investing session of the three day conference starting April 10th and concluding April 12th to an audience of around 8,000.

This is the beginning of a program being rolled out by Protrada to take domain name investing to a new mass audience of qualified investors across the entire spectrum of asset classes from real estate to options trading.

The focus of Troy’s presentation will surround the myriad of benefits domain name trading offers investors; the ease of using Protrada as the primary platform for domain buying, selling, management and development as well as teaching the tactics and strategies employed by the most successful domain name traders. Troy will be presenting a program which has been a collaboration of many key influencers in the domaining space including; Morgan Linton (, Adam Dicker (DNForum), Paul Nicks (Go Daddy), Braden Pollock (Legal Brand Marketing), Paul Goldstone (, Shane Cultra ( and many more. They have all played an important role in providing content, ideas and commentary for this seminal presentation.

“Introducing domaining to a new audience will greatly benefit the industry as a whole,” said Troy Rushton, CEO and founder of Protrada. “Every time I attend industry conferences, domainers tell me the greatest barrier to industry growth is a lack of liquidity which would be remedied by new investors. We have an opportunity to help solve that problem for the benefit of all stakeholders and that’s exactly what I’ll be doing at NAC 2012 in San Jose.”

A small number of tickets to the event are still available in both the General and VIP areas. Diamond Tickets are strictly limited as purchasers enjoy extraordinary benefits including lunch each day of the Congress with Messrs Trump, Robbins and Kiyosaki and a special ‘Power Talk’ Q&A session with ‘The Donald’. For more information about the National Achievers Congress 2012, speaker lineup, venue details and ticket sales click here:

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  1. Shane’s a great speaker, I can testify to that when he spoke during our Southern California Domainers meetup last year.

    I think they should put him on stage as well. 🙂

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