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A Visual Look At the HeadQuarters Of Some Popular Domain Bloggers

I thought I would have a little fun and plug in the addresses of some domain bloggers into Google map and see what came up.  I used the addresses in the whois of their blog’s domain.  Everyone handles their privacy a little different.  Some have PO boxes, some have their homes, some have whois privacy on all their domains.  What got me to thinking about this is the fact that a few hundred of my domains still have my home address listed and I need to change it.  I have my home on some, some under my business in Florida, some under my wife, and some under my Illinois company and under 6 or 7 email addresses. That way nobody can use and find out all of my domain and track what I’m buying and selling.  Here are the photos that come up when I put in the WhoIS data.  And yes, they are probably not really the place where they pick up their mail because I’m not sure Google has any idea where a PO Box is located but it was still fun to look. Here they are.

1.  Is this the Headquarters of Most Wanted Domains?  Google Maps says it is.









2. Hybrid Domainer Headquarters












3. The DomainGang Mail Pickup?








4. Austin is Beautiful and Domain Name Wire MAY call this place headquarters







5. Google Maps would have you think I live in a mansion. It’s amazing what nice landscaping can do to the scale of a house. I’m very happy how the patio and pond turned out from the view of 20 miles in the sky. This is where the DomainShane magic happens.










6. And my personal favorite….Mike Cohen and Wanna Develop. This is what comes up when you type in the address of his Who Is.  Looks lovely. 


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12 Replies to “A Visual Look At the HeadQuarters Of Some Popular Domain Bloggers”

  1. Dude, get read to recieve some seriousness from berkerns or andrew, they may not like the private pics to be publishers 🙂 sarcastic

    Most of all, I like the wanadevelop HQ Bingoo

  2. Thanks for the laugh, Shane 😀

    Yes, that’s the damn US Post Office here in Altamonte Springs, FL. I say “damned”, because once, I hopped in to get my mail, opened the Sedo envelope with a check from a domain sale, and while parked, some crazy b!tch backed her car into mine.

    That was the fastest I’ve seen $1,250 evaporate.

  3. Lol @ wana develop. That’s better than what expected.

    Your yard/house looks nuts. I appreciate a good landscapping job after I did mine. It’s amazing what people can do.

    I hope to find a dream retirement lot one day and turn that thing into a mini central park

    1. Bill,

      My yard has to be good, it’s my best advertisement. You probably understand my business model a little better after doing your yard. It’s expensive and hard work but the results last for years and is a good investment.

  4. #6 is hilarious!! And being a contractor, I noticed your house looks a little out of square. Is that just an illusion?

  5. Haha, the bottom one is kinda funny, but just to stand up for a fellow city kid (Chicago) getting picked on by a bunch of suburban cul-de-sac Trevors…

    First off, 90% chance the address is bogus.
    Say it isn’t, though.
    Lets take that same 90%; that little commercial building in NYC- graffiti and all- absolutely rents for more than what 95% of the people in these comments pay on their mortgages.

    The rule for city living is: Cheap, safe, convenient. You can pick two. Up until very recently, I picked Cheap and safe, living in a rather crap-hole’ish post-industrial steel mill area that was on the train line uptown, until I could save enough money to buy a place in the neighborhood I wanted (which is primo)

    The domain biz is full of a bunch of a a few guys who made a shitload of easy money early on, and a bunch of bullshitters who like strut around pretending they’re living outside the realm of normal financial reality, living vicariously through Rick Schwartz.

    1. L,

      In our industry we can choose to live WHEREVER we want. As long as there is an Internet connection you can do business. I love the city and especially Chicago. I lived in the 3500ish block for years. I chose to live in a smaller city and live like a king while saving money all on the same salary. That’s the beauty of America. Don’t like where you live? move. It’s a huge country. It’s ironic that people that live in the city seek safe and cheap but in reality they need the hustle and bustle, constant activity, and opportunity that a big city offers, otherwise they would just move to a small town downstate that is quiet and cheap.

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