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10 Signs You Might Be at Domainfest

There’s nothing quite like domainfest if you want to talk domains 24/7. For those of us that have the privilege of being here there are a few things that may give you a hint of where you are

1. You received a business card from Frank Schilling made from the world’s thickest card stock. I have an ass bruise from it being in my back pocket ( I think that’s what gave me the bruise)

2. You see the first guy that’s not a rapper or a basketball player that has a diamond in his ear the size of chicken McNugget (Bob

3. Anyone that’s anyone has “meetings” they have to go to throughout the day. Also known as a nap.

4. You shake more hands than Obama at an election rally.

5. Your first glance at every single person is to their chest to see who in the hell they are. That badge is a lifeline to us name forgetters.

6. Everyone is older, fatter, balder, and shorter than their profile photos on their sites.

7. You do so much horse trading of domains that you didn’t realize you bought a name you had sold earlier in the day.

8. Owen Frager wrote a story about you that never really happened

9. Frank Schilling took a piss and somebody wrote a blog post about it.
10. So many people are changing companies that the employer’s names on people’s badges are written in pencil this year

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