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Thursday’s Daily Domains and Auction Finds

Domainfest got a little in the way yesterday. When I say Domainfest I really mean the parties afterward. It’s hard to find domains when the screen is all blurry and the room is spinning. Fortunately for me, TeenDomainer Picked up the slack. Hopefully he doesn’t decide to do it full time because I hate beating up teenagers. The names may be a little light again today for the dame reasons mentioned above. Look it up,
there is a reason it’s already at $2500 Women are always looking for lotions but all I can think about with this one is JoeDirt “it puts the lotion on the skin!” I enjoy both, especially together. Not too young of course. Of course, I’d rather see the dot com or org here but I’ll take it because its a PR 5 This was the nickname of my High School basketball team I
have a feeling after drinking so much last night I won’t be able to do any of this. It’s also a PR 5

Again sorry for the short list. Its 2 am and I my beauty sleep is starting to take over. I promise to take a look at the Big auction later today

Make sure to drop by DropDay if you need more names

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6 Replies to “Thursday’s Daily Domains and Auction Finds”

  1. Yes, “Teen Domainer” did pick up the slack, and I might add, he did a good job of it too!. You both have great names, so IMO, I think you both should continue to publish your lists 🙂

    1. @clay

      Of course anyone is welcome to post whatever they like but a list is as good as what is coming up for auction that day. I had started my post but never got to finish and that particular day you might have been surprised how close they would be. Either way I don’t care, I’ll continue doing what I do and have fun doing it. 🙂

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