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Tuesday’s Daily Domain Auction Finds and Dropping Domains

DomainFest starts today but really started last night.  Went out with a bunch of great guys and girls to the Steel Panther concert after the SoCal Meetup. Heck of a start to what looks to be a great week.  Here are today’s names and there are a few names from the first Auction today at DomainFest but I will do a separate posts for the auctions later. It’s only on the
wish list but if it wasn’t it would go for an incredible amount There’s a lot of ways to go with this but I’m thinking a social network for guys with three testicles My favorite of all the jellies And now my favorite word for release of emotion Big money in retro clothing.  Even the 70s I’m not even sure it’s a word but I still like it I have no idea how to monetize this thing.  It’s just a popular word so I put it here. Worth a few hundred dollars A name you could build a brand around.  Get it?  Makes huge even bigger with the extra U. This may not be a bad buy at $1000 Somewhere in the middle is a good price

Domain Spotlight:

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  1. is a nice one, I personally have in my portfolio which is what you’re usually saying when you don’t know what to say 🙂

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