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10 Sunday Thoughts. Good and Bad

I got up a little early to got out for a nice 3 hr bike.  Mr. Lightning and Mrs. Thunder decided to come out and kept me in,  so I thought I would share a few of the thoughts that came in my head early in this morning.  Of course, feel free to agree or disagree.

1. I absolutely hate the fact I have to start my advanced searches over when I get “more details” or click on a domain at auction at Sedo and Godaddy.  They tell me their new searches help me find names easier but it now takes me twice as long because once I bid or get more details, I have to start completely over.  They both owe me some of my life back

2. Rob Monster is just so frickin nice.  I blast mini sites and he comes back and is a complete gentleman.  He has his team personally go ever all my sites to improve monetization and search.  Results or no results, Epik and Rob are a class act.

3. is a great idea but then it’s made completely useless by listing all the names ABOVE end user prices. Makes it useless on opening day

4. Did a post bomb go off at Frager yesterday? I’m not sure exactly how many posts were made but I think it was just over 1000. I would have to quit domaining just to have the time to read his posts about domaining.

5.  I did an interview with the New York Times on Friday about domains and when asked if there were any other people to talk to I basically said this.  Call Michael Berkens for intelligent commentary, Call Rick Schwartz for candid commentary, Call Ron Jackson for a pleasant interview and real data.

6. I wish I would have been at TRAFFIC.  Plain and simple I am jealous but you can’t make them and as a part time domainer I can’t pay the conference price more than once a year.

7.  Are people just plain stupid?  Facebook is in the process of suing all people that have domains that have any reference to Facebook and someone goes out and buys a for $14,000……….this week.

8.  If you have names at Enom ie you won them at Namejet.  You have no choice but to transfer them out unless you have or know someone with a reseller account.  Why?  $25 renewals.  I realize they don’t want to compete with their resellers but they lose a lot of domains because of this

9.  I hope Mike Sullivan (Sully’s Blog) keeps it up.  Best reading in domaining.  It’s the type of info and interview you used to only be able to get in a major

10.  I thought it was a bit ironic that DnJournal does an article on Jeff Kupietzky of Oversee and Howard New blasts their company all in one week.  It’s like Coke and Pepsi.  Neu school, new school.  I certainly saw Howard’s side though

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7 Replies to “10 Sunday Thoughts. Good and Bad”

  1. Thanks for the kind words.

    At the end of the day, at Epik, I personally sign off on every domain that we agree to take on for development. With that sign-off comes a commitment to make it work, one way or another.

    All that said, we do count on the domain owner to help identify opportunities and problems. That is why we call people who build on Epik “developers”. Unlike parking, it is an active, engaged dialog.

    As I have said before, parking is not an event, it is a process. In the case of Shane’s, since the search volumes are modest for the head term “robotic pets”, we are experimenting with subdomains.

  2. Saw your quote in the NYT today Shane. . . did they misquote you on the domain ? It was right ?

  3. noticed you went on the record with contradicting statements from this post :

    “Marijuana domains. I joked I had a moral issue with it last week but the truth is I’ve been buying a few of these names because I 100% believe they will legalize it eventually. I was furious I missed out on Whether or not I think pot is good is irrelevant. I truly believe these domains are great investments. Just don’t buy long tail keywords because high people don’t type very well.”

    Just covering your bases ? Btw next time you come through springfield give me a shout.

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