10 Sunday Thoughts

Oct 06 2013

Through out the week I always assemble my thoughts on a post but most of the time I don’t post them.  This week I thought I would throw them out there as I’m always curious if anyone agrees or can add some information I’m missing.  Here are today’s

1.  Rick Schwartz is writing his ass off lately.  But if you just sold a domain for over a million you would be as positive and driven as he is right now too.  Nothing brings more motivation and positivity than success.

2.  Get used to it, companies are not going to own the dot com of many of their products.  While I think every company MUST own the dot com matching their corporate name, it is probably not practical to buy a dot com matching every product.  It should be a goal, but I don’t feel it’s news when they don’t.  I could write 5 articles every day about a company releasing a product without the matching dot com.  In 5 years it will be even more. According to Frank Schilling, in 10 years nobody will care about owning the dot com when they can own the dot brand

3.  Godaddy needs to put a limit on number of consecutive weeks a domain can appear in auction.  Call it the moustrak.com rule.  A few weeks in a row is fine but there are more and more names that have been consistently listed in the 7 day auctions eternally.  I imagine they really don’t care and are glad to have the listing fee, but the auctions cater to the domain investors and it certainly lessens the buyers experience.

4.  Am I not asking enough for my domains?  Every day I have been getting texts or emails from/about people selling domains for $10K to 100K plus.  There are more high sales than ever and I think to myself.  “Is the reason I’m not getting 5 figures is because I’m not asking enough?”   Starting about June I starting quoting my names much higher.  Problem is I haven’t made one sale.   Positive is I still have some great names and I didn’t give them away for $1K profit.  I think the change in my strategy was I originally needed cash to build up the portfolio so I flipped and flipped to get cash.  Now my portfolio is solid and I don’t really need big amounts of cash. I have a steady income which is enough to keep adding medium sized names.  A few a year. Secondly, to buy the names I have already purchased  now I would need twice as much money to get again, and it’s only been a year or two on most.  Now I just need to make a few big sales a year to reach the same profit level of last year.  All is working fine…except selling a domain.  Hopefully that will change.

5.  I still see value in dot cc.  Call me crazy but if dot XYZ can become popular (and I do like it), why in the world would dot cc not have value?  You can get keywords for nothing and it is much easier to type and older.   Dot cc is my gamble.  If my strategy doesn’t work I’m going to rebrand it as Country Club

6.  Mike Cyger and DomainSherpa.com has undoubtedly been the blog of the year.  His interviews are great, always has people on that add value to our domain education, and is one step closer to having a real weekly Domain Investor show.  All his effort shouldn’t be taken for granted, he’s a real asset.  And I found out he’s broken 3 hours in a marathon.  Yeah it was back in the day but once again, when he does something, he doesn’t mess around

7.  In my opinion, the things I get most out of the domain blogs are what’s selling and for how much.  The rest is merely entertainment.  Sometimes I care what others are doing but since I don’t own their company and get their profits, I tend not to care all that much. I only read to see how it will effect me and what can I learn from their actions or results that will help me improve my profits.  Now don’t get me wrong, when someone is telling me a story in person I’m not like most people.  I’m not tuning them out and thinking of a story that follow theirs but makes me the center instead.  I am actually listening.  Articles put out to be read are not a personal conversation.

8. Leasing domains isn’t practical for 99.9% of people and always has been.  They are not devices that are needed temporarily.  It makes sense for a select few, but in general, most people either want to buy it or not.  If you want to call payment plans leasing then I am leasing my house even though I have a mortgage.  And I think it’s wonderful that Notka Domains is supporting domaining.com as all domain companies should, but I can’t believe one lease has ever come from the ad pushing leasing to domain investors.  They might as well put an ad that has some value to their target audience.

9. The owner of themoon.com told me that “The last bid, from an us gov dep. was 1 million USD” .   I asked him if I could post that number and he replied with a smiley face.  I’m not sure if I believe him but no dollar number would surprise me when it comes to our government.  They handed out bags of millions of dollar in Iraq and Afghanistan so what’s a million to them.  My real question probably should be why in the hell didn’t the guy take a million dollars?  Oh yeah, because he’s probably lying.

10.  I bet you guys wish you would have loaded up on more NNNN.com a few years ago when I was talking them up?  I admit I sold most and left a lot of money laying on the table but the last few I had left and just recently sold,  more than made it all worth while.  I’m officially out of NNNN.coms.   Not that I don’t believe they go higher from here but because I think there is a new group of names that I am investing in that I think will offer much better returns.  I’m sure I’ll write on them later. (not it’s not dot cc)

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  1. Mano

    I missed your NNNN hopefully get the one you investing now.

    It’s better to be in the Herd than venturing alone and die alone.

  2. Mike

    Yes, Rick is on fire this week! Everytime I go into Domaining.com he has a new story posted! I’d love to meet him one day! Regarding the Domain Sherpa show…..Domain Shane belongs back on it! Regarding number 4 and your comment about your selling prices…..this is the age old problem of Domaining, there is no valuation system. A Domain is worth what it sells for, so push the envelope! Dont let someone tell you a Domain is worth 10K when you know its worth 30-40K or more. Its all about how you position it. In fact, selling Domains is all about ‘positioning’

  3. Gaurav

    Hi Shane,
    Hope to read more content here in this compact format. Btw, are you looking for a one-word .cc at the moment? I’ve something that could interest & I’ve a wholesale price in mind.

  4. LSM

    Haha “bid from a government department”

    There’s a certain sort of liar who is just totally oblivious to how their dumb lies are perceived by the rest of the world.

    I think that is factor actually in the clinical diagnosis ambit for Psuedologica Fantastica; a detachment from being aware of how your lies are perceived by other people. They say this shit and literally have no idea how fucking dumb it makes them look.

    Watching people obliviously shame themselves with their own actions can definitely be amusing, but frustrating when it rears its head in serious business matters.

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