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10 Things I Can Guarantee

There’s not many things in life you can guarantee and it’s even tougher in the domain space but here are 10 things I can guarantee.

1.  Tomorrow there will be more people on the Internet than yesterday. The growth rate of the Internet is an amazing thing.  Every month there are millions more people that weren’t on it last month.  Most of them are from foreign countries yet most domainers still concentrate on the English speaking countries because it’s safer and easier.  There’s a whole big world waiting to give you money

2. Fusible WILL do a story on or Frank Schilling this week.  (looks like I hit publish too late 🙂   )  Love his work but I know a crush when I see one.

3.  Google will continue to drop the value of exact match keyword domain name.  Before you start shooting poison darts at me let me explain.  I think Google will always give exact domain name matches extra value.  At the same time,  I am 99% sure that Google will continue it’s trend towards lowering value of the name and raising the value to other metrics that they create.  It’s already happening yet most of us still are able to rise to the top with a solid exact keyword match and some content.  It will just become a little harder each year.

4.  You want health care and retirement care domains.  The world is getting fat and yet they are living to be older.  I’m not sure this trend will continue very long but it will for the next generation.  Sites that give information about these two will continue to see huge gains in traffic over the next 10 years.

5. Most domain owners will not make any money.  Evidently shitty domains don’t show up in mirrors.   Domains that have traffic cobwebs on them are just sitting in their portfolios eating nickels for lunch and dinner each day.

6.  Stubbornness is the key to financial wealth and poverty.  It’s a double edge sword that most never figure out. It’s great to be an unmotivated seller but not an unmotivated salesman

7.  Burning bridges in any industry will come back to hurt you. You may have all the money you ever need but burning bridges is a 100% negative move.  Burnt bridges often get passed on to new leaders, new generations.  Leaders and generations that may have been worthy business partners or helpful information.  I am as sarcastic as they come and do make fun,  but I try to not make mean. I may laugh at a man who’s down but I try not to kick them while they’re down there.

8.  The top bloggers in our industry are all millionaires or will be soon.   It takes initiative, time management, foresight, and knowledge to write a daily domaining blog.  Ironically, these are the same attributes to making money.  Of course, there’s more to it that that but take those three out and it’s impossible. Remember I said “top” domain blogs.  I’ve proven anyone can just throw up a few posts.

9. Huge advertising dollars are heading towards top sites in their field. Advertising revenue is just like the US economic upside triangle.  All the money goes to the top.  You have the most eyeballs in your field and companies are going to pay big bucks to reach them.  If I’m an advertiser I’m going where the people are and they’re moving very quickly from TV to online.  The difference in advertising costs between tv and online are immense but the will gap will be tightening.

10.  Minisites or any sites that are mass generated will fail in the long term.  You can name them anything you want (minisites, portals, ecommerce,) but the easier it is for someone to do, the less likely it will succeed.  I call it the “barrier to entry” question.  If it’s easy to get in then everyone will do it.  I everyone is doing it then it’s not unique.  If it’s not unique you can’t make money doing it.

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  1. “Fusible WILL do a story on or Frank Schilling this week”

    Fusible Man Crush on Kevin Ham… I do believe so. =)

    Fusible loves everything that Kevin does, even when Kevin is not doing it very well.

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