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Wednesday’s Daily Domain Drops and Auctions Chinese Edition

I’ve started adding auctions ending at the Chinese domain auction platform   They don’t usually have generic domains but lots of 4 letter and number domains.  It always helps to have another source to buy and sell domains.  Now onto the names 1994 domain and will certainly cross the $10,000 mark and maybe the $15,000 mark.  Will be over 200 bidders at auction time so A TON of interest Barbecue site or porno site.  You pick.  1998 registration I think they call these “premium” letter 4Ls. All I know is they went up, then down, and now are going up again in price.  (There are a ton more dropping today but that and are my favorite) I love this name.  Shipping or boats would work with this one. Buying this name is a great start. A man is only as faithful as his options.   You could build a site around that quote with This works with dot org as well as any name I’ve found.  $1800 valuate with no bidders. OK now one with mine  (Edit : Typo and stupid me probably now owns it.  No “N” in the real name) I want to look through the “party” section right now Use this to convert but as of press time a little over $500 At $662 US dollars (4400 RMB) A South Korean city.   Better bring your checkbook though because it’s at $9200 already

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3 Replies to “Wednesday’s Daily Domain Drops and Auctions Chinese Edition”

  1. hey shane one of your links above has a typo. wonder how many people will backorder it 😉
    you should knock on namejets door for some affiliate rev

    1. Yep, goverment. Good thing I was first bidder so I didn’t cost anyone any money. Now if I can just have someone dumb enough to bid it higher :). Thanks for pointing it out.

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