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Tuesday’s Daily Domaining Drops and Auctions

Don’t think generic domain names have value?   Search for “Domain Blog” and look who’s in first.  None of the big boys.  It’s little old   And “domaining”?  (you may know him from twitter) is on the first page right there with all the longer running, domain celebrity authored sites.   Says a little something about name choice.  Now onto the domains. There seems to be a 3L dot net every other day on NameJet.  They’ve been reaching pretty good numbers so I expect to keep seeing them Here we go again with lots of appeal aka 96 bids.   I predict $4K plus A ton of great uses for this name.  Both very modern AND conceptual I guess people could find it while looking for Citibank.   Evaluate likes it with a $9500 figure

Domain Spotlight:

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  1. There are over 1000 and coming on November 25. I would not be buying LLL anything this week.

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