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16 Reasons Why You Aren’t Going to Make Any Money On PPC

Don’t believe what your read.  I read that so not sure what to think. There are a lot of people that still tout how much they make on their sites but the numbers are declining.  Due to the collapse of the parking, we’ve resolved to basing the value of domains on how many people are searching for the term and how much advertisers are willing to pay for those visitors.  My opinion is that although there is plenty of money to be made, most people will never make much money. In fact, if they analyze the price of the domain plus the time they have in, they would have been better off working at The Gap.

1.  Just because it gets 24,300 searches for those keywords and a $7.40 CPC doesn’t mean you’re going to get any of those people

2.  You’re not going be able to stay focused enough.  You’ll start working on your next site before your present site is optimized

3. You paid more for the domain than you could possibly make on PPC in the next 3 years

4. You don’t know shit about the keywords. Matter of fact you didn’t even know what it was until you Googled it

5.  You concentrated more on the CPC than you did on the ease of which you can reach the searchers

6.  Somebody is going to outwork you, outspend you, and out SEO you for that money

7. You don’t have patience.  You give up after 6 months

8.  You don’t know what to do with the visitors once they get to your site.

9. Your site is built for clicks not for value

10.  PPC values are dropping faster than your search engine results are rising

11. You think quantity trumps quality

12. You won’t pay for help. You,  like everyone else in domaining,  think they are an SEO master

13.  You are putting up minisites that look, feel, and return the same value as millions of other sites.  Nothing

14. Your idea of adding content is to go copy something off of Google

15. You spend more time reading than doing and trying

16. PPC is a poor business model

Disclaimer:  My reasons may involve sarcasm, humor, or exaggeration.

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3 Replies to “16 Reasons Why You Aren’t Going to Make Any Money On PPC”

  1. Sad but true – Adsense is easy to implement but from my limited experience doesn’t justify the time spent on development. Affiliate earnings – what are those? Of course, like many endeavors one can learn how to improve performance over time.

  2. Yeah….I don’t think many new domainers could make a full time biz out of this.

    I’ve been at it for 15 years and I still am learning and it is tougher now than it has ever been.

    If I had not had this time and the money to experiment to make lots of mistakes I would not be a good as I am at doing what I do today.

    Not to sound conceded, but I am very good and buying domains and parking them. I see what folks buy and I can see “loser” written all over so many of these domains they buy. If they have not honed their craft like I have most will be out of business in a year or less.

  3. btw…..development is not domaining. Morgan and others are starting to spin it that way, but that is a new definition. 🙂

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