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Friday’s Daily Dropping Domains and Auctions

As I read the results of the DomainFest Moniker auction I was amazed at the number of sales.  I felt I needed to eat my words with all those incredible sales.  I didn’t think hardly anything would sell.  I was also happy to see that many of the sellers had accepted lower bids than the reserves.  Then it came out.  Clerical error and yet another auction with live bid errors and other problems.  You would think someone would develop a technology that works without problems.  Still some great sales but nothing special or worth fawning over….except for the Tshirt sale, that was what domaining is all about.  Now onto the names The word GMC could help or hurt here but it’s old, 1996.  $8500 valuate In the US we have Bigfoot, the rest of the world sees MonkeyMan At first I was wondering what someone would do with this name but then I remembered my vast collection of photos of doors (seriously I collect photos of cool doors) 1998 domain.  Would make great kids site or nightclub called “Bubble”.  You hate to build a club just because you have a domain but I work backwards sometimes It’s the kind of name that domainers like but the kind I stay away from because I don’t think most people can even spell accessories 4 bidders?  Might be a bargain waiting here Org works perfectly here 3 letters, aged, and has NY in it.  Worth bidding on

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2 Replies to “Friday’s Daily Dropping Domains and Auctions”

  1. …You hate to build a club just because you have a domain but I work backwards sometimes.


  2. Quality domains always have potential buyers. I think people are forgetting that there has been a dearth of decent names at past auctions this year.

    Let’s face it, the market speaks loudly when it’s confronted with quality names. It goes into dead mode when faced with junk domains even though the owners have delusions of grandeur about their domain’s value.

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