160.com Sells for $69,989.49 Along With a Few Other Numerics

4.cn had an auction today and they had some pretty good results.  You won’t see the prices on DnJournal’s list despite the fact many of these would be top sales.  4.cn doesn’t send out any sales results but they post them so it’s up to you to go find them.   Here are a few of the top sales from the past two day’s auctions (converted from RMB to USD)

160.com $69,989.49

900.com $68,286.20

72.net $10,064.86

9.cm  $1579 (not a big sale but pretty fair price for a single number regardless of tld)

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3 Replies to “160.com Sells for $69,989.49 Along With a Few Other Numerics”

  1. Interesting, I just noticed yesterday that 160.ca sold for $3,500 (which is high for a regular NNN.ca). Now 160.com sells for a hefty price. I wonder if it’s the same buyer, I’m guessing Microsoft bought 160.ca. James Yang at dotmedia.com appears to own 160.com

  2. A lot of sales from 4.cn never make it into DNJ. BTW, speaking of numerics, all 100k NNNNN.com domains are now basically bought out. Every day now all the drops are picked up overnight (when most Chinese domainers are awake).

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