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Wednesday’s Daily Domain Drop and Auction Picks HUGE Day for Numerics

As I was looking through the auctions and drops today I noticed that over the next two days, has a ton of numerics up for auction.  If you like number domains then you’re going to have more choices in the next two days than you have in the last month.They aren’t giving them away as most haven’t hit reserve but prices seem fair. Here are my picks for auctions ending today (with a few other domains thrown in).  Many of these end before 10 eastern so you won’t be able to sleep in late. Pretty easy to type out and say. Zero triple three.  At $5400 while writing this. Two character dot nets are hard to come by.  Especially numerics.  Only 99 of these bad boys. I think this is the name of every Panda in captivity. Also popular Chinese name I like it better than Just putting this up to show how far .CM has fallen.  No reserve auction that is at $150 It actually may be worth a little more than that At $69,000 and just a little short of reserve.  Will probably hit it though before the end. Just like how this one types out.  I find value in the simplest things. Not the most valuable domain but I guarantee people will remember this one.  Great name for a coupon or savings site My custom workout involves laying on the couch.

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  1. This is true Shane…but I think I’d rather have one of the other potential TM issues that doesnt come with the backing of Microsoft 🙂

    1. I agree somewhat. Of course the trademark thing but also because if I am going to try and build a business on a domain I wouldn’t want to build it on a name that people already associate with something else. Thanks for the comments Jason and oldenglish

  2. Domain parking companies put domainers at risk with their ineffective coding. Just ask the former owner of The new site is live and running NewYork NewYork’s casino.

    If the increase MSN’s advertising expense for the Bing term, then I don’t see why they wouldn’t go after the domain (imo)

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