Thursday’s Daily Domain Auction and Drop Picks

Jul 21 2011

Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes yesterday.  I had the best birthday gift ever with a friend having her little girl yesterday.  She gave me a new person that I can share July 20th with each year.  If you noticed I haven’t posted as much the last week it’s because of the heat.  Between my daily training and working 11 hours outside, I haven’t had as much energy at night as usual.  I literally have been passing out at the computer.  The way I look at it, I’m not overdoing it, I’m just doing it until the minute I go to sleep.  Maximizing my time.  Now let’s take a look at today’s names. These have been doing very very well. I didn’t realize people still take baths but I guess if you are it might as well be natural I think the,, and buyer would like this one as well If you have a dog you’ll know the value of a kennel aka pethotel The repeating Y’s bring up the value I would love to own this one.  Of course I lived in Houston for a year so I’m part Texan No reserve and you know Chinese love the numerics to end in 8. Unfortunately, that is who you are bidding against. Not a bad price for this name. competitor. You get the picture on this one

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