2008 Was a “Bubble” Year for 4Ls Yet I Wish I Would Have Bid a Little Higher

Mar 15 2010

I sold a domain over the weekend and happened to take a sneak peek at all my bids and auction results from the past five years at Sedo.   My first 5 years of domaining I concentrated on two things.  Four L dot coms, namely CVCV and gardening names.  I also added “premium” 5L every now and then.  Although I bought a few, looking back I passed on way too many.  I realize it’s easy to go back in time and see how cheap things were but this isn’t that far back.  2008 was actually a bubble year for 4Ls and yet these still have increased in value .  Here are a few names that I don’t mind revealing my bids at the auctions  and where they ended up.   If I still owned these I think I could easily double my money, maybe more.

Dusu.com (August 07)   I was out at $900 finished at $1050

Fuzu.com (August 07) I was out at $1000 finished at $1951 (turned for $4100 the next year)

Vofo.com (June 08) I was out at $2500 finished at $2550

Yusu.com (August 08)  I was out at $800 finished at $1400 (had sold for $3200 8 months earlier)

and my favorite counter offer from a bid I made at Sedo

Phlox.com  I offered $200 (I know it was a lowball)  his/her  response  16,777,215 EUR


If you don’t mind sharing, what are a few names you passed on that have since sold for much more.?

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  1. DropExperts.com

    In 1999 I turned down an offer to buy Mark.com for 10K
    In 1999 I turned down an offer to buy Pandora.com for 5K

    At the time I thought it was way to much money, in retrospect I wish I had perused a 2nd mortgage on my house to buy them.

  2. Prashant

    I have Kulq.com and i was thinking of selling it.
    At what price should i sell this pronounciable 4 Letter Domain.

    I’ll be waiting for your Advise eagerly.


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