22 TV Shows Dropping The Ball With Their Domains

Oct 05 2011

Ever try to find the site of your favorite TV show by typing in the domain name? More often than not, you’ll discover that the show and/or operating company does not own the exact domain. There are probably many reasons for this but most likely because the show has it’s own mini-site on the broadcasting channel’s official website, i.e. ABC.com. Still, with the amount of loot spent on advertising and marketing, it would be worth the money to pick up the exact match domain. Below is a list of 22 of today’s most popular television shows that I believe are dropping the ball by ignoring the domain that is out there and available in most cases. Most of the domains might not be blatantly for sale, but all domains have a price. I’m sure there are dozens more, but these are some quick ones I found.

SouthPark.com – Forwards to Simon.com, Simon Malls and Property Group

TheBigBangTheory.com – Parked, for sale

TheOffice.com – Forwards to Dexagon.com web design services in Toronto, ON

Workaholics.com – Parked, for sale

SonsofAnarchy.com – Parked

LawAndOrder.com – Parked

TopShot.com – Amateur looking photography site

ItsAlwaysSunny.com – FX owns ItsAlwaysSunnyInPhiladelphia.com but this shorter more marketable version is owned by Sunny Realty Services

EastBoundandDown.com – Parked

DancingWithTheStars.com – Parked

ModernFamily.com – Very small parenting site, monetization type site.

Xfactor.com – Parked

NewGirl.com – Google 404 error

JerseyShore.com – Monetization site.

NCIS.com – forwards to EastCentralLivestock.com, which is for sale

CriminalMinds.com – Parked, for sale thru domainnamesales.com

Weeds.com – monetization site for, well, weeds. Probably for sale.

MadMen.com – Forwards to FMA.com, Future Media Architects

DeadliestCatch.com- Parked

These next 3 are the worst in my opinion, because they are all owned by the operating company but the domains do not forward or resolve to anything…




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  1. Melissa

    While I agree with some of those you’ve pointed out, most people don’t know that South Park is a real town in Colorado. So while it may not be good for Trey Parker and Matt Stone that the show isn’t associated with SouthPark.com, it could be good for the Real Estate company that does own it. (Obviously that’s subjective depending on what people go to the site looking for….)

  2. RH

    Excellent article. Agree 100%. How can glee.com not resolve ? With the popularity of the show they got to have something for their fans.

    The parked names that don’t really have another meaning like South Park or The office, can probably be won in a UDRP. Its foolish to park them IMO.

  3. Maxwell Arnold

    I could count on my left hand the number of domains in this list where the producers of the show might have a case to acquire the corresponding name.

    The fact is that TV shows, by their nature, generally have a rather generic sounding name consisting of a coined phrase or term of some sort. It’s part of the show’s brand. However, in this day and age, most, if not all, .com domains consisting of a generic phrase or something to that effect are taken, and they won’t come cheap to an interested party

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