Wednesday’s Big List of Domain Auction and Dropping Domains

I have to admit it.  I’m not a letter writing convict lover but I have this thing for Amanda Knox.  I think she is extremely attractive.  Maybe it’s because I know she might kill me in a love filled evening or maybe it’s because she came out of prison speaking perfect Italian. Her step Dad is not that much older than her but she was smart enough to register her domain ( for her while she was in prison.  It kept people like from making a stalker fan site. I know when I’ve been to the pet zone because it smells like urine and there’s dog hair on the couch. At $800 but should get closer to $1200 to $1500 It’s not about having time it’s about making time. not to be confused with “adapter” which is a person who is able to adapt, to change himself or his approach when the environment around him changes. I am not a hyphen guy at all but at this price and this good cpc I may try it. Pretty good name for $100 Sounds sexy.  Only 1 bidder Already sounds like an app or site Professional sports all have rookies.  For $24 you can have the domain or exactly what an NFL rookie makes in one second.

Domain of the Day: