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Thursday’s Big List of Domains at Auction or Dropping Around The Internet 5-17-12

Wow there are a ton of great names at auction today. I could put 50 strong names up today with no problem.  I’m like a kid in a candy store.  I love these types of days because there WILL be some names that get missed because there are so many.  Here are some of the names I thought had value. A two character dot anything is worth a good penny. Always surprised these go so high and this is no exception   ie don’t want to get a job.  Man there are a lot of bidders on this one  Big boy domain here.  Something you hate to have to do in your teens, worry about in your 20’s, hope for in your 30’s, and don’t use during your 40’s.  Great name for all kinds of uses.  Even a deal site. And has only one bidder so the domain itself could be a deal

DownLoadWizard.comGreat name for a…..well it’s pretty obvious.

LetsGoHiking.comNice call to action domain for under $100. Or was at the time of writing

Wuby.comUsed to be my name. I sold it two years ago and evidently the buyer forgot to renew. Could be mine again but probably going to go for more than I paid for it. Great name but I always felt like it sounded like a deaf person saying “Ruby”   Not sure what I’d build with this one but once again, I probably wouldn’t  I need one, my car is a mess.

CreditSolutions.netA great name as a dot net but if it was a dot com it would probably sell for 10’s of thousands  I have to admit I would go to this site just to look at the pretty girls and their fantastic legs.  1996 birthday  Fun sounding name and one everyone would remember.  1998 Birthday   Great email and only one bidder.  12 years old  One of the biggest problems facing the world and under $500. Deal of the day  Has already met reserve at $150K.  Good value if you are a mover  Another great deal under $1000  I actually think this one is worth reserve  If I had $500k this would be the name I would buy.  surf.boards, skate.boards, and paddle.boards.   HUGE HUGE potential.  Best name IMO in the last 12 months.


Domain Spotlight:

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  1. Thinking about bidding on Ever since that trip to Mexico back in the ’90’s, I’ve had pretty funky junk.

  2. For I will be bidding and please bring your cheque book if you plan to enter bidding war with me.

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