And You Thought It Couldn’t Fall Any Further: .CM auctioning off single letter/numbers on Sedo

May 16 2011

I have to admit. I hated the .cm tld from day one so I am a bit biased. From the mismanaged early and sunrise registration,  to the basic fact it is nothing but a typo tld, I hoped it would fail. My wish has come true and there is no bigger confirmation than the recent auction going on at Sedo.  Sedo is having an auction for a several one letter and one number dot cms.  Domains that would go for tens of thousands or more in almost any other existing tld are going for hundreds.  The reserve on all these are less than $500.  In a bit of hypocrisy, I don’t think these are the worst purchases I have seen in the domain investing.  I certainly won’t be buying any but I wouldn’t blame someone for putting a bid in here.

Evidently a few people find these to be a good buy because there are several bids on some of these with over $5000.  From there it’s a hard fall down to the $500 rate.  So let’s have a little poll.  What do you think the 5 .cm domains will be by price?   I think they will be,,,, and Here is a list of all the .cm domains at auction for you to peruse.

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  1. Domain Michael

    I never liked .cm either, but it may be nice to have a single character domain. Although, not sure what you’d use it for other than url shortener or typo or just to say you have a single letter domain. Any of these may be a good reason.

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