What Did 4444444.com and 3333333.com Sell For And Some Other “Alternative” Number Sales

Dec 23 2014

You’ve often heard me talk about the crazy numeric market.  There isn’t a day that goes by that some form of a number doesn’t sell for a price that surprises me. I feel like I know the numeric market as well as anyone but in most cases beyond 4N.com, 4N.net, 5N.com I really have no idea what a number is going to go for.  Here are a few examples of some recent sales at 4.cn that were beyond what I expected.


4444444.com  $4822    Evidently 4s are bad until you line up 7 of them

3333333.com  $9805   I guess compared to this price the 4s WERE bad

0773.cc  $480   I have trouble figuring out which NNNN.cc is worth $15 and which is worth $400

CUI.cc  $803  Not a numeric but still trying to figure out which LLL.cc have any value

75288.com  $1157   This one fits into my expectations.  The best ending you can have on any numeric is 88 and 888

7783.com  $10,609 Been a few weeks since I’ve seen a non 4 NNNN.com sell.  Good to see the prices holding over $10K

30030.com   $1864  Great price for 5 numbers and shows that the top numbers are now starting to push $2K

 3456789.net   $233   Even this has decent value

1B.cc    I’m going to say that this gives most CC.cc a value of $300-400.  May be a stretch considering I’m making value based on the only cc.cc I’ve seen sold

3G4G.com    $1270   If you would have told me that you could get this price for this domain I would have called you an asshat

3o.cc   $$466   Now I’ve seen two

8886688.com  $35   All those 8s for $35.  That’s like $1 a piece or something

QQ4.com   $1600   Yea, not sure why either

 010.LA  $241    Didn’t even know that any numeric .la had any value

PS123 $980   Do I go out and buy 123 names?

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  1. Kassey

    4444444.com. It baffles me too. I tried 百度知道 (Baidu Know) and someone said it means 骂你去死 (curse you to die). I have no idea why you would buy a domain name for that purpose.

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