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DomainShane’s BIG LIST of Domain Name Auction Picks: Tuesday ,December 23rd

It feels like half the names expired today.  Not sure why anyone owns any dot us names at this point.  Sure there are some that will sell but unless you are using the name for your business I can’t imagine you wouldn’t be better off with your money in something else.  I say this as I invest in dot cc but at least China buys dot cc names.  Here are today’s names.  Wow! Much higher than I thought. This may break $25K  18 years old. A much much better name than stupid marketing.  But then again, stupid would get you attention so now I’m confused.  No bidders.  17 years old.   Solid legal marketing name for $12   Be careful with this one.  Realtor is a heavily protected trademark  Surprised this popular English saying only has one bid  Great letters.  Over under $425  No bidders.  It’s cool because the s has been changed to a Z  Like I said the other day.  Keep the V to the left and all is good.  Add an A to the end and you’re even better   When 5N.coms starting rising in price everyone couldn’t believe their fortune and sold for 5 to 10 times what they paid.  Now they are even higher and a huge percentage are being purchased by one person.  This one is going to cross $500  All drones used to be cool. Now there are so many we need to separate out which ones are cool My man Andrew has a good one here.    Surprised this one is going for such a low price Daily deal names seem to be dead.  Not sure why because deals are timeless.  Everyone wants a great deal.


YOUR GODADDY CHRISTMAS CODE: A 99 Cent TRANSFER GOFDAU10  Not a ton of great names on the NJ list today but this one stood out as I scan my list. A few others agree  Top of the list for number of bids  You would think I would want this one but I have plenty of middle of the road plant names  I like this but not a lot of other people do so that makes me nervous.  I’m a sheep when it comes to buying number domains. I like to see lots of people bidding.  Like the name, love the parties


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