5 Great Generic .COMs And What Used to Be On Them

Oct 04 2011

by Chris Woodward

Chris Woodward here. Again a lot of confusion lately about who is posting here on DomainShane.com. Shane, not me Chris Woodward, has requested that I put my name at the top of each post, right underneath where it already displays my name, Chris Woodward, to avoid any confusion. I hope this clears up any question as to who is posting. So here is my (Chris Woodward) short post for today.


Chris Woodward


I ran across this and thought it was pretty interesting. Network World put together a little slideshow showing 5 great generic .com domain names while documenting what used to be on the sites before they were snatched up by large corporations. It’s not always what you’d expect.

The domains are Music.com, Eat.com, Car.com, Meat.com, and Milk.com. Obviously each of these are worth hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars now, but the previous owners didn’t always have the end-user in mind. Oh to be in the mid-90’s without a clue of how rich you’re about to be. You can see the slideshow here.

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  1. Michael

    Shane, awesome post! Keep up the good work!

    Jokes aside, very interesting Chris. Ahhh, to only be back in the 90’s buying the equivalent of google stock at under $60, just wayyyyyyy better

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