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Tuesday’s Big Finds in the Domains Up for Auction or Dropping Today

I’m not a fear monger but the market finally tumbled to where I thought it would and we still haven’t hit bottom yet.  There are many great deals out there (Apple and Netflix) and some other stocks which I like the product but the stocks are testing 200 moving averages and could be posed for some tumbles (Chipotle) .  I love domains but I’m drooling at the opportunity in volatility trading right now.  Of course all monies go back into domains. Can’t wait to see who squats on this big boy. A few people with this last name or like I said yesterday, the description of the makeup of a domain investing conference. 1995 birthday A pretty good CVCV especially for a Godaddy name. Not many searches but at $69 you don’t need many clicks. You could get lucky and have this as the name of a game or movie.  Or you could use it as your email and have people wondering why they call you “big man”. 2000 Birthday.  Not extremely valuable but a term most people know. Finally someone admits not all pets are equal.  No way a hamster has the same value as good cat. Nice name for a dentist.  Or a funny pictures site. And of course, porn. Ancient Siberian people. Not to be confused with “dingeling” which is my ancient 8″ Peehole. I never buy 5 number dot coms but this is a pretty easy one to remember.  Great deal if you can get it under $100

Domain Spotlight:

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