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The Latest Sales for 5 Letter Dot Coms

Oct 31 2011
Had a little time to peruse the recent 5 letter dot com sales from the last few weeks.  Actually it was a pretty slow two weeks for 5 letter dot coms. Per usual there aren’t many trends to pick up ...
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The Market Is Alive and Well

Jul 12 2011
I sold yet another 5 letter dot com this week giving me 6 sales this year. A little down from last year but mostly due to the fact I am not accepting much under $2,000 for any of my 5 letter dot coms. ...
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5L dot Coms Have Another Fantastic Week

Aug 20 2010
5 Letter dot coms are doing absolutely fantastic.  In some respects I think the sales are even better that 4 letter dot coms.  You certainly can create much better names with 5 letters.  Here are the ...
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This Week’s Top 5L dot Com Sales

Jun 18 2010
Another fine week for 5 letter dot com sales.  Every month there seems to be more 5Ls that are achieving prices over $2,000.   As I always do, I want to remind new domain investors to be careful with ...
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5L dot coms are Doing Very Well

May 24 2010
Five letter dot coms continue to do well in May.  Many of the top domains are reaching $XXXX at Sedo and other platforms.  As usual there are a lot of scratch your head sales and they show no real ...
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Round Two: Where To Sell 5L Dot Coms

Apr 14 2010
So your 5L domain made it past the “it’s not junk” test.  Now how or where in the world do you sell them.  Here are a few of the different ways I’ve used to sell them.  Before we ...
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