7 Nice Domains Dropping Today

Dec 04 2009

It was a very successful week of pickups.  Added a few more tools to help me pick up some names.  The tools helped me pick up spireas.com which I offered $500 last year and they countered with $1800.  Picked it up on a drop for $69 recently.   Here are a few nice names dropping today and over the weekend.  Enjoy

NewMoonTwilight.com If I need to explain this one to you then you really need to get out more.  Sure it’s a short lived phenom but it’s at $10 with one bidder.  It will pay for itself before the video even comes out.

DannyDevito.com You’re gonna lose this one eventually to Danny,  but you may get his autograph out of it.  Of course it will be at the bottom of a lawsuit.

Service.net Way out of my price range but one of the finer drops in a long time.  I could give you stats but doesn’t it really matter with a drop of this caliber?

Tvwallmount.net 50K searches, a $4.20 CPC, and only 1 bidder to this point makes this a nice pickup.  I’m in on this one

Do-not-spam-me.com The ultimate vanity email address.  Valuate says it’s worth 0 but all major tlds taken so value is in the eye of the beholder and I like this one. 13 years old

Whack.net Another non keyword domain but short and brandable.  I would guess a $400-500 price in the end on this one.

Prankideas.net Many times when I see a name I think about how difficult it would be to build it out.  This one would be a piece of cake.  Fill it up with pranks and let it run. Let users send in their own.  Or set up a digg like ratings of the ultimate pranks. Valuate $500+, 1 bidder at $10

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    1. Post author

      It’s a type of shrub. One of the best sellers for landscaping. Spiraea.com is what I want because it is the true spelling AND the plural but many people spell it spirea. It is worth more a few hundred but
      worth more to me because I am building a library of plant names and linking all the sites together to make a network. I’m a 5th generation nurseryman so plants are what I know

  1. DNyap

    Shane –

    I meant to say a few days ago that your slight plant emphasis is the only reason I can think of for people blocking you. Personally I love it, but not everybody like plants.

    I have fuchsia.info if you are interested.


    – Paul

    Oh, and AstroBotany.com 🙂

    1. Post author

      I admit I that’s my niche but I’m trying to be more diversified in my articles. I’ve started flipping non plant domains so that may change my “tone” as well. Thanks for the advice

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