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A Few Nice Names Dropping Today

Mar 19 2010
Had two nice emails yesterday letting me know of some of the domains they had picked up from my daily lists.  Nice to hear people actually read this daily.  I hope the next emails will be telling me ...
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A Few Nice Domains Dropping

Jan 27 2010
There are so many good names out there right now.  All it takes is time to monetize them.  They are some cheap prices, high search, high CPC out there ripe for the picking.  I couldn’t name them ...
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7 Nice Domains Dropping Today

Dec 04 2009
It was a very successful week of pickups.  Added a few more tools to help me pick up some names.  The tools helped me pick up spireas.com which I offered $500 last year and they countered with $1800.  ...
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