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ProTip of the Day: Drag and Drop in

I, like many other people, like to get second opinions on my possible domain purchases and use Valuate and Estibot . Something that’s not mentioned on Valuate is the fact you can drag and drop an entire auction database in the box and it will filter out everything but the domains. For instance,  the Great Domain/Snapnames auction that just started can be easily thrown into Valuate for comparison. Simply highlight the entire box and drop it in the Valuate box. You’ll notice all the other data dropped out and the names are nicely spaced and you should just get the results.  No manual typing necessary.  Although it may come across like a commercial for Valuate, it’s meant to help save you time if it’s something you already use.



Simply Highlight the Auction Data

Highlight and










Drop it into Valuate











And it cleans it up and shoots out your values


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