Domain Spotlight: Sells for $60,101, $45,000 and Doesn’t Meet Reserve

If I learned something today it’s that it’s good to have a short number domain with an 8 in it.  I also learned that the reserve ranges of can be at the top, even the to the last dollar. was pretty close to the high end of the reserve and still didn’t meet.  It was at $224,000 so I would imagine the reserve was $250,000.   Somehow I think that there will be a little negotiation between the high bidder and seller to make the deal happen. Here are a few names that were up for auction this morning at  Didn’t hit Reserve ($224,000)  Sold at $45,000  Sold at $60,100 Sold at 45,537

Those are the only names I was tracking but there were several hundred thousand more dollars of names sold this morning.  I’ll try and get you some totals soon.

Domain Spotlight:

6 Replies to “ Sells for $60,101, $45,000 and Doesn’t Meet Reserve”

  1. @ Ron,

    “Fu” means good fortune in Chinese. That’s why it sold at that price. To the Chinese, it’s a much better name than 95% of all other domains.

  2. Looks like short investment grade .coms are starting to trade as asset classes in China. Something that never happened in the US. Inventory of short investment grade .coms is so small, prices will go completely vertical if perception in China that short investment grade .coms are a good investment keeps spreading.

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