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My Recent Domain Purchases: Jumping On the Reveal Bandwagon

I figured if Morgan and Elliot are going to do it, I might as well to.  I have to admit I haven’t made very many purchases lately and I’ve been saving up for a big purchase by selling off some of my numerics and better names. As I’ve stated before,  I started domaining with $0 dollars and everything I have is created from money I made blogging and then flipping names.  I have never put a dime of work or outside money into my portfolio.  Everything is self financed.  Here are the names I’ve purchased recently. All dot com unless noted


deadplantsociety  (starting a new site of dead plants my customers kill and bring in.  Hoping to sell T-shirts at my speeches.






cuhomeloan (I live in champaign urbana)




You can see I didn’t spend a ton of money this month as a result of the saving money thing.  I did add a few fair priced 5 letter domains but they are getting more expensive every day.  The good news is I only had to sell one domain not listed that that paid for everything I’ve spent this month.  I also have one of the names up for auction in a few weeks that should draw few thousand more.  All profit from here.  Who said part time work is bad?

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  1. Hi Shane, thanks for sharing. It is very interesting that you said all your domaining/blogging has been self financed. Would you say that your monthly take from domaining/blogging would be enough to live on? If you deem this question to be too personal, you can just ignore it. I am only asking because they are so many people who say they do this part time or full time and I am just wondering. Thanks.

    1. CC,

      I could not make a living doing this and continue to improve my portfolio. Not at all. BUT I can continue to build a nice portfolio and enjoy domaining to the fullest. I can sell when I want to sell and have no pressures to earn money. I meanwhile can continue to build my other business and continue my career.

    Bought them months ago for a possible site showing those who have made it (in any field) without any outside money (VC, Bank, Loans, etc)
    Money from a job or asset sale is fine. One is self financing or self funding in those cases as well.
    Curious to learn more about your recent numeric sales and if you hand registered them years ago.

  3. I purchased or registered many, but I’m only going to share 3, plus one anecdote.

    1. for women who want to preserve their special eggs via cryogenic labs stuff
    2. for cord blood bankers such as Dicker.
    3. almost $25 in CPC

    Now the anecdote, I tried to register this morning, and surprised! it was taken. So, I researched only to find out that it is owned by the domain king himself, Rick Schwartz, and get this, SINCE 2005! I started wondering, what kind of person would do this? Register this name since half a decade ago, and not drop it after subsequent elections when Romney, the perennial, even perpetual, candidate was unsuccessful? Now you know.

  4. I recently purchased,

    1. Steve,

      Different names for different reasons. Considering I own a nursery and run a newsletter for 1400 people, I don’t think nurserynews is such a bad name. It’s what I do and you should always buy what you know. That name will serve me much better than something that I know absolutely nothing about. That’s the problem with our industry. A bunch of guys with $1000 and below names that they have no use for but to try and flip. Very few businessmen a ton of horse traders.

  5. How many plant domains do you own and did you get into domains because of the plant business or vice versa? Do you only buy plant related domains that have good search traffic?

  6. I don’t think any state name + “home loan” is ever reg fee. That’s ridiculous. Especially in FL. I like that name a lot, and considering these were all low risk, why not? I’ve been purging names from my portfolio, renewing others, and can’t think of any recent acquisitions except Styling dot TV and a 1997 .com I bought from a fellow investor but don’t want to share quite yet.

  7. @Shane,
    Yes, is a good one because as you mentioned it’s your industry. I was just giving you the gears.
    I know your not crazy about them but I am buying as many keyword idn’s as possible. I just picked up
    φέτα.com ( Feta dot com in Greek with the accent and
    φετα.com ( Feta dot com in Greek without the accent.
    רוקדים.com ( Dancing dot com in Hebrew
    and way too many more to list.
    Cheers, all the best with your names and hope you have a great Christmas!!

  8. This one may be related to nursery. I bought recently,

    It’s for the new emerging trends of vertical wall garden landscape for sustainable urban living all over the world…

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